Tips for making application with vl+vvvv

So I am at point when I have interaction system between people and boxes in VL in my application. I am working on istallation, the main game logic will be done with automata.

In unity, I would use a lot of event system for my interaction, so when someone activates a box, somewhere a node is watching for that event. How to make this efficiently in VL? Do I have to use foreach somewhere on all boxes and check if one of them was activated?

Another question is how to put some part of scene together efficiently. Basically how to add elements into scene that are animated etc. - do something with them - and then dispose of them. Should I have these scenes in subpatches, is it better to use something like delegates for this? So basically “scene” is a operation that I will do on my application? I checked the game examples but there is nothing that uses some kind of narrative logic that holds intro, animations, etc.

did you watch this already?

oufff ok, I watched some now, I still have a bit of problem imagine how I would apply this in a more narrative way, where all parts of application are being added as a scene and then discarded. Also my interface is kinda part of the runtime in a sense that I am using positions that are being calculated in runtime to position elements of the interface. (like add to buttons that are glued to hips of a person) This seems like a very contained app that has some generative properties, but its hard for me to imagine how to apply this for my case.

Also in Unity there are game objects as kinda most basic building block of a scene, eferything attaches to them (I presume sure xenko is the same way). In VL if I want to have these basic game object, I need to define every possible component the object can have in Record, there is no way to have these objects and then dynamically add things to them?

I guess what would really help is have some template projects that have these structures partially setup and you can start from there and just populate it with your things.
To be honest I am now a bit stuck and not sure how to continue and expand everything in a way that will not add a lot of work for me later down the line. I am not using classes at all so that is something I should defiantly look into, but i am not sure it will solve all of my questions.

is the project that dottore is working with also availible to download and look through?

First link in the linked article / video by tebjan:

@readme thanks, I checked its forum post and other videos, did not noticed there is also an extra article

I will try to get into it and build something on this principle, Its just hard for me to say if this will help me because I dont know what I am doing most of the time. If anyone was willing to jump into voice chat with me and talk about it a bit (maybe create some tutorial from our chat) I will be very grateful.

also have a look at VL.Tilda for sequencing/narration:

this project was done with a combination of the model-runtime design pattern and VL.Tilda:

maybe @ravel has more to say about it.

thanks! I worked with interpole a lot (even in nsynk) so it will feel right at home. Its hard to keep track of all these things if you dont open vvvv for months.

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