While AutomataUI was the trial balloon for my UI programming endeavours, Interpole is gonna be the thing i’m actually interested in. An easy to use clip-based timeline with keyframe animation techniques, known from adobe after effects.

The primary goal is getting the after effects workflow into vvvv/VL. something which is already a steep mountain to climb. Flawless UI, solid, no CPU hit, all the feature you would expect (i.e. extensive snapping) from a traditional timeline and…

…everything controlled by an integrated but of course optional AutomataUI.

ps: clips and automata are done, now keyframes. speak to you again in 2 years ;)


Really looking forward to this!

I remember talking to you two years ago in Frankfurt at IAA and discussing that it would be nice to have a AFX-inspired timeline in VVVV.

If you need a beta tester, you know who to ask. :)

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hehe, we will be using Interpole at the IAA this year. it is already pretty helpful to control various shows/exhibits.

and to be honest, i’m talking about AE timelines for many years but i was scared to hell to even start it. but now it is nicely split up into manageable chunks of work and i’m much clearer about what i want from this tool.

if you need a clip timeline aka premiere without keyframes, you can already have it soon…after the battle test.

just another screen from interpole and automata in the wild. thanks to tgd.


i just realized i should have posted the video here

thanks for all the upfront flowers , i wasn’t fishing for compliments but trying to manage expectations for the first release.

right now Interpole is about clips. while you can get various clip information (name, duration etc.), what you mainly get is the relative time per clip (0-1).

This can be used in conjunction with tweener or stateless animation modules and/or with AutomataUI. It can play by itself or with external timecode.

There are a few little things i want to add before putting it under contributions. But in general i’m already happy how Interpole performed at various shows in september.

note to myself, make clear you have to set the base framerate in the inspektor


I think that this is really a great thing. I liked it very, very much.

to give you an update.

i decided to not make an official contribution yet but hand it out on a personal level. just get in contact via riot/email/skype etc. some of you have done it anyway so far and i’m happy to say that nsynk and meso use it already.

in the meantime i joined forces with nsynk concerning the development for the next steps. but there is no timetable, i guess there will be a sprint over chrismas with more refinements on the clip side, UI stuff, before actually starting with keyframes.