This is a preview release of our timeline ‚Tilda‘.

The project started out as a VL clone of Interpole by u7angel, which in turn was inspired by our hijacking of the premiere timeline some years ago. It’s all about clips!

Tilda became our first larger application built in VL. So if you look inside the project, you will see a learning curve, some parts being programmed in a more traditional data flow approach, while others adopt more and more language features and programming paradigms of VL. For us it has been and still is a great deal in learning VL.

Tilda is by no means finished, there are many items on the wishlist, bugs to fix, usability to improve and expand … So it’s a WIP post and not a final contribution yet. Although, we have used Tilda in production already, and it has gone through some iterations of refactoring and streamlining. As it stands today we feel like sharing our effort. In our eyes, Tilda can become a platform for many different types of clips and data representations and their editor functions, and we are curious what it will mean to others.

Of course - it could be always cleaner and more feature complete, but then we’d probably never release it.

Tilda is now hosted publicly on GitHub. It is edited with the latest alpha:

We couldn’t migrate our issues list to GitHub, so we will need to start a new one there.

For an introduction to Tilda please refer to the readme and the help patches.




Great work!

Todays version of vvvv alpha throws an deserialization error with this project.

May 14th 2019 version works fine.

Cool patch, I don’t have VAudio installed at the moment but all in all it behaves very well. I think the actual canvas of the vvvv was slowing the patch down a bit, on this underpowered laptop. My only wish would be a secondary editor for keyframes, but in general I’m very impressed.


Well done guys!
Thanks for sharing

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heho, must be me but it’s not working here, just getting red nodes. i just placed it as a pack. is this the way to go ?

edit: looks like an absolute path in the demo patch "filename=“C:\REPOSITORIES\TildaTimeline\vl\VVVV.Tilda.vl” nodename=“test (Tilda)”

@u7angel try adding the path of Tilda to NodeList. Think the structure of the repository is currently not compatible with dropping it into packs.

i tried adding the path to nodelist, no luck. still just red nodes in the demo patch

@u7angel woops, are you trying to open it in beta?
We’re using newer VL features so it works only in alpha…
14/05/2019 from should work

edit: will add a note to the repository

ahso, alpha :)

There’s finally a new vvvv alpha up (showing as 588d320750) containing an up-to-date VL version (2019.1.0-0411) which seems to work again!


Thank you so much, it looks pretty good mostly the clever keyframe function.


Wow, looks great, well done!

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just pulled latest master branch and installed the latest alpha

got this error

quick link removal was easy enough, now that I got that little bug out of the way I’ll be merry to look deeper into your work, thanks for sharing

Weird that was my last commit … dunno why the pins aren’t available on update Dragging. Maybe I didn’t push everything, have to check tmrw