Navigating a patch with Space and left mouse button

What do you think of allowing to navigate the patch by pressing Space while dragging with the left mouse button? I think its a widely-known concept and it could feel very nice when patching on a trackpad. Also then the left hand is very close to the Alt (or Option key on MacBooks) which you also need to use a lot for simulating a middle mouse button click.

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Please try it with latest preview

How does including frames into a marquee selection work now?
Afk currently but that was/is Left Mouse drag while pressing Space, no?

Oh wasn’t really aware of this one. But it still works:

  • when pressing and holding Space before starting the left drag: you move the canvas camera.
  • when you want to start a marquee selection: start to left drag and then press and hold Space to include frames.

Works perfectly on a desktop computer with a mouse, thank you! Not doing anything though using the trackpad of my laptop (MacBook Pro 2018 running Gamma via Bootcamp). Is this working on other laptops?

Please change one of them to a different key(-combination) or change the behaviour for selecting Frames alltogether – Space + Left Mouse is kinda obscure anyways. But having a shortcut doing two completely different things depending on the sequence you press it is just really bad.

And/Or put the key bindings into a (persistent) settings file that can be modified by the users. But I guess that will take some time.

You’re right. It is a bit contradicting with the selecting frames interaction, and I agree, this one always felt obscure to me also. Maybe it would fit better when selecting frames is done using Ctrl… Frames in general could imo feel more like regions, with all the snapping and stuff, like written in this other thread:

What do you think, does it also contradict with the snapping into region shortcut, holding space while moving nodes? I think that one feels very nice in addition to dragging the patch using space. In this case pressing space has a different meaning when a node has been moved before.

I was also super surprised by the quick implementation, expected it to be discussed more beforehand, hehe. The suggestion was primarily adressing the patching experience on a trackpad. Especially when going towards multi-platform it should be considered how to use vvvv without a mouse, right? I think that the dragging using two fingers and zooming using pinch & zoom would be the best interaction here.

Don’t know if I have ever used that one, I am pretty sure I have been using CTRL instead.
But consciously trying it now I really can’t tell anymore, lol.

When it comes to Frames vs. Regions see @gregsn’s answer here:

Not doing anything though using the trackpad of my laptop (MacBook Pro 2018 running Gamma via Bootcamp). Is this working on other laptops?

I am using a Macbook Pro as well, maybe two years younger. I realized that it sometimes works, sometimes not until I figured I need to start the drag in the middle of the trackpad. The lower left and the lower right corners act differently, either because it’s a hardware issue or because the driver just allows clicks and no drags from those areas.

In my case not even in those areas I got it working. Then I had a look into the trackpad settings of Windows - when setting the sensitivity to “Most sensitive” it works from all areas on the trackpad.

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Coming back to this after using previews for patching for a while. It seems I have been using space all along (and not ctrl). Imho the new shortcut is very peculiar when it comes to the sequence things have to be triggered and I find myself dragging around the patch more often than moving the nodes like I intended. I’d really appreciate if it could be disabled via settings.

Is anyone else having problems with this? I’d LOVE to not have every little thing covered by a setting. I’d rather revert to the old behavior if this behavior hinders people in their daily patching.

Makes me wonder how many people are using previews as their “daily driver”.

Didn’t you in a recent preview make frames also be selectable even if Space is not pressed? So that interaction is gone now.

Right now it seems to me pressing Space has two meanings:

  1. Pan the patch when dragging in an empty area,
  2. Snap into a region when moving a node.

Both make total sense to me. And before the change I could not really patch at all on a trackpad.

P.S.: The feature of panning the patch using Space would also fit with this feature request: Moving the patch while having a link on the mouse

and also “snap out”. And this has become super finicky now.

I would revert. It is quite an annoyance at the moment.

I vote Revert

i’ve been using it.
not a gamma poweruser atm though. maybe thats why it comes ‘natural’ since many other tools do it this way.

if space + drag is indeed a standard in other tools, it makes sense to have it too.

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