Moving the patch while having a link on the mouse

Wouldn’t it be great? To be able to move the patch when having a link at the mouse? Right now pressing the right mouse button cancels the link - but maybe this behaviour could be interrupted when the patch has been moved and only be triggered on mouse up. Just an idea…


You can use the mouse wheel while linking, so you can zoom out and then back in to where you want to connect the link to.

Yes, I can do that. But I would not consider it the best UX. Why would scrolling still be possible when moving is not anymore? Also scrolling out is sometimes a bad interaction when searching for something in a bigger patch.

whay not Scroll+Alt/Shift?
Still the zooming in-out is the best, to my humble oponion ;)

Then it’s great that it is already implemented, not saying that the zooming interaction should be dropped for being able to scrolling with the right mouse! Buuuuut I don’t get why in this case another button should be pressed for scrolling, while anytime else scrolling is possible without pressing that button.

this got tackled. Thanks!

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