Import map tiles?

Hi, I wonder if there’s any nuget that can make us import map tiles from, for example, mapbox studio or open street map to vvvv ?
thanks !

Check out this thread:

there seem to be plenty nugets to explore:

Maybe not exactly what you want but Ive found this yesterday:

looks super cool

Hi guys, they all look promising but I’m not sure how to use them… I’m not a developer… I only know how to use a vl nuget package with examples !
Moreover, I realized that I might express my self badly. What I really want to acheive is a 3D topographic map in a really minimal graphic style, something like this :


A colleague has suggested me to import style from osm or mapbox, that’s why the subject of this post. But now I wonder if there are other ways ?

fyi, this is an alternative visual on this same map project

Well there was topographic shader not long ago
That’s one Topographic Phong Shader | vvvv

Well it’s not that hard to do with fuse maybe all you need is to do something like this:

Where x is Y component of vertex and result is color

The peaks should be white color and gaps black…

@jib have you checked this : LeCloneur's Bazaar

you can achieve topographic style with Quantize chained with Edge, for the rivers and buildings you could compose with other TFXs using for example the (horrible but sort of working) Blend Mixer TFX. If you want a 3D look you can use Bump TFX which will add light and shadows.


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