Hi-res world map

Hi guys,
I’d like to have a high resolution 3d world map visual so I was thinking of using texture with displacement. There’s this beautiful earth displacement map and the examples are stunning

more example

The thing is I’m not sure how to achieve that with vvvv

This is what I got so far… the limitation here is the Tesselation and image resolution (i guess). 1000 tesselation and 5400x2700 pix image is the best before my laptop freezes

Any suggestion how I can achieve the example result ??
Thanks !

The example renderings are most probably offline renderings, so one image takes a few minutes to render with actual ray tracing. That is of course not possible in real-time when you have 16 milliseconds for one frame, which is several 1000 times less time than an offline rendering.

The way to achieve similar results in real-time is a mixture of level of detail (LOD) techniques (change resolution and quality dynamically depending on camera distance) and bump mapping (with normal mapping) and parallax mapping. Tesselation and actual geometry deformation are not possible at this detail level.

so google these terms and see what kind of texture maps you can find for the world map. you can also google for planet rendering or earth rendering and see whether you find descriptions of techniques in game development articles and forums.

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For planets you can look this approach

But if I want to have 3d experience (something slightly similar to camera exploration in GOT’s opening) I need to use geometry right ?

Using a normal map, like tonfilm suggested, whoud probably go a very long way.
You can just convert the displacement map to a normal map with any tool and use it in combination with a reasonable tesselation!


Also you can try to load texture very high res, by splitting it on square chunks, and load them as texture array, i think most of the lags are actually coming from high poly count. Idk if there is shader based tessellation fixed for stride, you can try to use that instead one that you use on sphere.

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Thanks everyone! so I’m working in 2 direction:
a global view one using bump map. (the color is total styled)

and a zoom one using displacement material with plane geomatry (1000 tessellation)

They don’t look bad to me ! :)


That looks great. You can also try to use GPU tesselation, see the help patch in the node browser. it could give you higher resolution and better performance… It is worth comparing to geometry tesselation.

Sorry, @tonfilm Which help patch should I look into ? I cant find anything with keyword tesselation

Oh, I just checked, and it looks like there isn’t one. But you can connect the FlatTesselation or PointNormalTesseleation node to the Material and adjust the triangle size. See also:

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