How can I upload an animated model? I don't see the Collada node

Hi. I’m new to VVVV with some experience in Max/MSP Jitter. I’m trying to upload an animated model but I can’t find the Collada or FBX node to do it. How can I find it?

If it’s a beta question then search for assimp, if it’s vvvv gamma you should import your asset to stride and then pickup with assetfile…

Start from here Stride, best way to import assets

Also here Importing meshes into vvvv for dummies

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@antokhio Hi. Thanks! that worked. Now I’m wondering, how can I enable animation?

This isn’t officially supported yet, but see the help patch “Modify Loaded Entities” to see a hack of how to achieve that.

@reaktant was recently working on that, maybe he can let us know how it is going…

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Depends on animation, stride supports out of the box only skeleton animation, so basically you have to skin your model, and animate it using bones… You also need to trigger play on animation component… You can do that via script or nodes…

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There is also Alembic support:

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