Importing meshes into vvvv for dummies

Hello everyone,
it’s probably very basic noob question, but could anyone break down for me the right way to import meshes (for example from houdini or anything else) into vvvv gamma, so then I could use them not only as objects in the scene but also in shaders (for example doing something with vertex shader).
I managed to import some basic tube mesh for example, but I can’t even apply pbr material to it, or if I try to do something with vertex shader it’s all over the place and textures work wierd.

Sorry if this question doesnt make sense, I honestly don’t know what I am doing D:

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Welcome to the forum!

Have a look at the Stride helppatch “How to load Assets from File”.
Just tested successfully with .fbx and .dae from Cinema 4D.
Make sure your objects have UV coordinates or you won’t be able to render textures onto them.
Don’t know about the shader workflow atm.
Check out the NODE20 workshop “II: A preview to ShaderFX”


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thank you, it helped!

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