Stride, best way to import assets

anyone of you have experience on whats the best way to import 3d assets into gamma?
Fileformat, Difference between importers (stride scene import, assimp, stride project import)

the most powerful and flexible way is to import assets in game studio and make prefabs that you use in vvvv.

for simple models (without material, animation, etc) use the file nodes.
you can find help patches for all of these in the help browser.

obj. and fbx. seem to work fine, but all supported formats should work. and it is technically always imported in the same way. but with game studio you have more options of customization.

yes, im managed to import my own gamestudio project.

is there a way to manipulate an existing assets properties (for example a materials diffuse color) inside vvvv?

I think it’s called SetDiffuse

i tried with set diffuse, my problem is how to access specific materials with models that have more than one material. it will replace all the materials with one new one. i also tried to iterate through all materials and set specific slices, but somehow i got stuck… i guess i dont understand the concept totally. some help patches would maybe help.

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