Extend IO Box behaviour to store values from data source (again)

I’d like to bring up the request to “bake” values to IOBoxes that are connected upstream once again - requests for this have been made in the past here and here.

Since there is already the option to “bake” the type of a connection to a pad with shortcut CTRL+T, a natural extension to this would be e.g. CTRL+SHIFT+T to set the default values of an IOBox so that they stay after disconnecting.

This feature can potentially save lots time while patching and quickly storing live values.


okay, i just noticed that this does actually work for primitives (create IOBox → bake → disconnect connection: last value stays in iobox).

what does not work is when the connected type is a Spread. My usecase was originally referring to this. Sorry for being not precise with this request.


This would be awesome and would make working way faster.


the io-box must be GENERIC (no white dot) then BAKE (ctrl+T) then CHANGE a value