Extend IO Box behaviour to store values from data source

I’m sure this isn’t technically a bug, but the behaiour is really confusing.
All I want to do is to have an IO box, which i can feed values and “save” them in the patch.
Then I want to edit them manually or switch back to the original data source. This is not possible right now or very akward at least.


Since the IOBox doesn’t have a type annotation, it gets generic as soon as there is no anchor for the type system anymore.

however, you can “bake” the current type of the IOBox via CTRL+T to set a type annotation to the IOBox.


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Thanks, this is a handy feature - good to know.
However it doesn’t solve my inital use case. I just want to save the data from the linear spread to an IO box and be able to edit it afterwards without the linear spread being connected.


i’m afraid this is not yet implemented.

Alright, consider this a feature request then. :)

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