Wishlist -Hap codec support

Its all open source, but it is openGL, but I understand that DXT compression is the same in both openGL and directx, it seems like it could be done like player texture, except reading raw data from the mov file, rather than separate ddd files, and I would hope from this we could actually have a codec that would play backwards as well?
Does this sound feasible?

Heres a quick patch I thought I’d do to see if I could parse the file in a patch.
My values seem odd though…

hap test (744.8 kB)

Hi There,

I second this, seems to be a solution for codec troubles, though the Player(Texture) is doing the same. Probably it’s easier to write an wrapper around Player(Texture) with an header an pack the images as the only difference seems to be that it is packed in a container.

Also there is a pipeline (in osx) to render straight to a mov file instead of render to images, then process the images into dds and handle all the folders.
Touch designer has hap support, so I don’t know if they’re also ported the codec so you can export straight to it from afx in windows yet?
It also has the advantage of some additional compression from the snappy zip library to ease disk access a little, any Dev’s care to comment?
Of course dx11 as well as dx9 would be nice ;)

Ok simply looks like there’s opengl extension to read DXT, so yeah formats are identical.

Looks like for me a good compromise for seamless loop/reverse playback indeed.

I’ll definitely look for dx11 player, but in project till end of month, so will be busy and not too responsive till that ;)

my personal opinion is, that image sequences are the best possible format. you can exchange any frame/sequence of the video at any time without touching the rest of the video. and since its the same compression, what benefit do you expect from it? just one file instead of a folder?

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While image sequences are good, I use other software appart from vvvv, if I vj I often use vdmx, with Hap support, occasionally avenue, with DXV support, similar thing but closed source, I work with Hippotizers occasionally, everything has to be mp2 for them, catalyst and it likes intermediate, so I end up with multiple media libraries with files in some not in others, if vvvv could use Hap, then the ones I use most would support the same files, and save me a load of space, and folder juggling!
Also writing dds files on a mac if content is being supplied to you by a 3rd party, I’m not even sure thats possible, and if you’ve an ati card, it takes a while to compress anyway!

It depends what you need to do, single files benefit from faster copy, easier to move around, easier to browse by extension, and can be less error prone
(you can drop a non related dds in your folder by mistake, or the joy of some os creating hidden files, with a single file you’re at least secure on that).

In many cases I agree that single file is as easy or easier (like in many projects where all is defined).

So i think both have their usage

Hey guys,
did anyone try Hap for DirectShow ported by RenderHeads?


I ran the installer but VLC, Windows Media Player and vvvv crash if I play the sample videos. Tested with Win7 and Win8.1.

same problem here

Someone can confirm?

Hi Noir, Hi Alec,

same here, Mediaplayer is crashing on Win7 64-Bit

I wrote to RenderHeads and they have replicated the error. They should let me know when there’s a fixed version out.

I keep you updated.

Couldn’t tell whether the app still needs to have support for the codec for gpu acceleration, from the blurb it suggests you do, or maybe it just needs to support dxva?

Hi catweasel,

as far as I understand the application has to natively support the codec by the means of hardware accelerated decompression see at http://www.renderheads.com/portfolio/HapDirectShow/ in the features section.

Good news guys, RenderHeads has fixed the issue. You can find the new version on the web page. It works with WMP and vvvv.


Confirm it works

great, seems to work here too!

works partly - sample videos and own videos (avi container in adobe media encoder fullHD, squarePixels, progressive) are running fine in wmp and with FileStream in vvvv.

Speed change is also working (but not with FileStream2) but it will not run reverse.

is reverse working anywhere else?

Doesn’t seem to be GPU accelerated, which is the point of this codec really…
So dev’s can we have native support (and MrVux Dx11 support) please ?

or am I mistaken, cpu usage seems pretty high, and frame rate low on bigger then HD

you have to ask the renderheads where the decompression takes place. the idea of the codec is to store the frames in DXT format so that the GPU can unpack the pixels as it would do with .DDS files. so the question is, what pixel format comes out of the CPU part of the directshow filter.