Wishlist -Hap codec support

I think it’s this

Thre needs to be a try option in the filestream node that delivers dxt textures if the codec is Hap.

It could be the right opportunity for fixing the FileStream node. I think it’s important for vvvv to have a video player node really efficient and without bugs.

I imagine a FileStream node with:

  • fast decompression for Hap codec
  • no hickups when switching files
  • audio output of a video file (not working in FileStream2)
  • no bugs in duration/position output pins
  • no bugs in loop function

Quote Alec
I have often problems in ‘video management’

I agree with Alec too, that would be really a game-changer.

News?Any plans for hap implementation?

Any news on this ?
We are kind of locked here without a GPU codec for files bigger than 5k width (WMVs px limits seem to be 5k). And even so, WMVs not always run on GPU, they seem pretty moody :)

please, @vux, finish it up. make a kickstarter from this, or a personal promise along with your flattr, without any reels or shit, just show the compiled stuff you did more than a year ago.

so all readers get the context, this concerns merely the read side of erics work: it has no audio at all, but videowise it is still the most precise, versatile and stable thing in video since - well, ever. fk dshow, mjpg and vlc

I’m interested to support the development of a new efficient video player node.

What I imagine is:

  • fast GPU decompression for Hap codec (or other better codecs)
  • no hickups when switching files
  • DX11 texture output
  • audio output of a video file
  • no bugs in duration/position output pins
  • no bugs in loop function
  • possibility to synch many nodes in a boygroup/non boygroup mode

I think it’s important for vvvv to have a really efficient video player node.

@idab: you’re describing a couple thousand dollar mediaserver ;)

i’d support it as well, just drop a price tag

@@vux: are you interested in a support for the development of this topic?

Any news? Is somebody working on this?

+1… no text …

I could sponsor the development. If there is a developer we can add some money here as has been done with VVVV.OpenVR. Any dev interested?

i think @vux is 80-90% done with it. either he should do it or maybe he can pass its code on to someone who will finish it.

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Vux has done it, but doesn’t want to release it, I suggest someone else getting a bounty for it, or seeing if you can persuade him with euro’s or kisses…

it’s not totally a hap what he did, it’s more of his own container, hap uses some Qt stuff witch is pretty much useless on pc… so even if he releases it still won’t work with original hap…

Vux Reader can correctly interpret HAP movs from the “official” codec, be its source AE, Cinema4d or whatever. Additionally, it can read the Avi output of his custom Writer.

It is video only. However, his custom format supports Full Sphere video, aka 360

ah my bad then…


I would also spend some money to get HAP support in vvvv - I’ve just spend way to much time to get video working properly. I don’t have that much but at least it’s something - maybe as a community effort we can collect enough money to persuade @vux ?!