Windows 10 go or no go

Hi all

I know some of you out there have been using the win10 beta for some time now.
The time of the official release is getting closer and the little popup to get a free update has appeared.

The question is now to those of you in the know, should we update to 10 when it comes out or should we wait like usual?

I really like windows 10, but on new updates sometimes graphics drivers don’t follow right away, or are of poor quality, so you could end up with a not so usable system for some days, but after all it’s a preview so you don’t have to complain ;)

So personally if you want to start to use windows 10, I still recommend to use a spare drive, so you can rollback to windows 8.1 quickly in case of issues (having a faulty driver before a show is not the most pleasant thing around ;)

I didn’t tried latest version yet, but so far:
-build 10041 was pretty good on ati card.
-build 10074 was horrid on ati card (maybe now there’s a proper driver, did not try since a little while, but at the time of install it was like that).

-build 10041 was ok on nvidia
-build 10074 + driver 352.84 is for now the sweet spot here, works like a charm.

As a side note new build in the slow path is 10130, did not upgrade to it yet so I can’t tell about any driver quality.

thanks vux, I am not thinking about installing it now, but when it is officially released.

usually it is clever to not update until service pack 1. does that still apply or does it seem so robust that it could from from the go?
how does vvvv behave with win10?

I used 4v in win10 for all my workshops at node, I don’t recall any glitch, so I guess it’s good :)

After as said the GFX driver quality is key (at least for my usage).

I still stand for the spare drive usage, to have a good plan B just in case (and nowadays a small ssd for testing is rather cheap). Then you can decide on your own :)

have you tried the official release of 10 if everything is ok?

I switched to win10 the day before yesterday and so far I have not experienced any real problems. I first I had a black bar covering the lower half of the taskbar, but that went away after reboot.

My things are where I expect them to be.

Now win 7 and 8.1 seem super old fashioned. first impressions are GOOD!

no problems with win 10 so far…
however it’s only been a couple of days so far

yap i am ok as well

Much better than 8.1

first real problem in win 10…DNS is not recognized…I tried every solution that I found online without any success…finally switched back to 8.1

No problems here with win10 and v4

What do you mean by DNS not working?

I couldn’t connect to the internet…and I search in the forums and it seems a lot of guys had the same issue…

I have not had those problems, have you specified a specific DNS server or just set it to dhcp?

I think dhcp…the problem came up almost a week after I switched…It did an update and I got the DNS error…I’m going to wait a week or two and try again…

has anyone tried the N version of windows 10 for europe? it has no MediaPlayer and no media library in the explorer.

I have tried Win10 Enterpise, Enterprise N, and Enterprise 2015 LTSB - and LTSB is the only way to go in my book.

Win10 is MUCH worse than Win7/8 in updates being done behind your back - and you CANNOT just turn them off. And not just updates, but MS says it will change “features” automagically as well. Totally unacceptable for development and deployment.

So LTSB is the “Long Term Stability” version - which I think says it all. It has no apps, not even the app store, and updates are just that and designed to be infrequent. It basically is a modern Win7.

So far it is OK, some things moved around, but it is obviously designed for an IT/development arena, has far less cruft, and easily accessible serious stuff.

The only problem I have experienced so far is that the Kinect v2 does not work with it; it recognizes it and all looks good, but no data and the lights never go on. But that may be due to a new ATI card (R9 390) and drivers not playing well with Win10.

Good points @mediadog

To me the reasoning behind being so relatively happy about win10 is that at some point in the future we will not be able to get win8.1 and 7 and then instead of being forced to make the switch it is good to already now begin using it so it becomes familiar.

One question though is it possible for non enterprise entities to get hold of enterprise versions of windows?

and has anyone had luck getting hold of embedded versions of windows?

I can do not win 10 work with open ni with the kinect sensor microsoft … only asus sensor :(

Is it true? On windows 10 KinectV2 doesn’t work??? Silly!

And, for people like me who still postpone the update here is a NVidia win10 supported GPU list. I don’t know if it’s 100% affordable but is what NVidia says.