WiiMote Plugin

This is the official release of the Wiimote Plugin. It has been tested during the last week and now seems fit.

It supports multiple Wiimotes, Nunchuk and ClassicController.

Extensive helpfile is included.

Have Fun

wiimote.zip (42.4 kB)

thank you very much mr. velcrome, u rule!

big thank you from me too…you are the man :)

what a fine plugin!

i made a simulation for the wiimote and renamed your helpfile.
naming conventions for plugin-helpfiles seem to be somewhat strange.

see attached zip containing all stuff.
start Wiimote (EX9) help.v4p

WiiMote.zip (51.9 kB)

Hi, thanks for your fantastic work!

I’m trying to get the plugin to work with an IR-Pen, like Johnny Lee did. Are you thinking about doing a calibration routine? (To map the x/y coordinates of a blob to screen coordinates) Otherwise I have to find a solution on my own (but I’m not a really clever vvvv coder yet).

In Java it would be done with the PerspectiveTransform class (quadtoquad function) - I think in vvvv I would use the ArbitraryPoint node?

Thanks for your work, greets

wow, incredible!
thanks velcrome

In answer to psykoman: If the transormations are linear enough then you can probably get away with a Map.


I’m having trouble getting this running, I have wiimote input via Bluesoleil and have input recognised in glovePIE with the wiimote scripts included there.

I downloaded this plugin and unpacked it, opened the help file and have no response for the 3d wiimote patch. Also when i open the help file none of the nodes are connected to each other and i get no response. Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.



Stupid but : Are you using beta 16?

first guess is you don’t have the latest version of v4.

if the plugin tells you that it didn’t find wiimotes, try the official forum of brian peeks wiimote library to solve the problem.

Yes, very bad oversight on my part.

Sorry I need to update v4 I’ll do that now.

Thanks alot people.

@psykoman: i do not completely get what you want to archive with the Java PerspectiveTransform, but you can do archive similar results with vvvv´s Perspective (Transform) to create a matrix in combination with ApplyTransform (Transform) to apply that matrix to xyz coordinates.

looking good! When IR mode is set to “2” The nunchuk data comes out of the IR pin. So it’s either blob tracking or nunchuk?

Nunchuk only works with IR Mode 1 (2 blobs).

ah, alrighty, thanks a bunch! :)

the wiimote plugin rocks…thanks

i 've made a patch to control a sequencer(live) dynamicly(no fixed midi mapping) i use a lot of combo’s to send midi/keyboard shortcuts…the wii became my ultimate remote…
lot of fun…

i’ve found only 2 bugs:
after 10 minutes wiimote goes idle…and u have to restart
bluetooth app + vvvv
then i put a tea timer @ 9 minutes to reset the wiimote
before entering idle mode…
but i’m shure there’s another (cleaner!!?) workaround for that…
like an hidden parameter called SetTime or SetIdleTime or something :)

this setup works 80% of the time,
the other 20% is when vvvv quit with no reason…
it’s totally random…for example last night
i don’t have any crash (6/8 hours using wiimote)
seems to be wiimote plugin related…?

what do u think?

  • my wiimote didn’t go idle after 10 minutes. maybe the problem is related to your bluetooth applications??
  • i also didn’t have any crashes by now.

ok i’ve found…i tweak my bluetooth app…
and seems there’s no more idling state after 10 min…

vvvv was crashing using an OnOpen + decay bang function on the enable pin of both wiimote and nunchuck at the same time…

now i’m using 2 different decay’s with the OnOpen:
1st switch on the Wiimote
2nd switch on the Nunchuck
… :)

ps: by the way does any one know a good IR beamer/spot
for fingers tracking using the IR tape reflection technic?


“ps: by the way does any one know a good IR beamer/spot
for fingers tracking using the IR tape reflection technic?”

I put IR-LED:s on my fingers instead…

thanks for reply …
you mean something like this?
40$ the finger …quite expansive hand :)


on the enable pin of both wiimote and nunchuck at the same

one wiimote node can handle both. it might have been confusing in the helppatch because certain pins of the node have been hidden to explain things better.

if you take a fresh wiimote node (drag the dll into the patching window) and use the inspector to activate nunchuk support you have all values out of a single node.

as for a cheaper hand and another :)