WiiMote Plugin

circuitb: No, I use enchanted crocheted four-finger gloves with IR-LED:s, cables and a AA battery sewn on to them.

velcrome & beyon …thanks for the info’s

by the way does any one test the Wii balance Board (wii fit) ?

Hi guys, I’m having trouble using this plugin too. I have vvvv40beta16, but when I open the patch with the plugin (help patches alike) nothing happens. Also, when I try to drag and drop the dll file of the plugin into a patch, empty or not, nothing happens either.

Can you guys help? Thanks!

Also, I already had .net 2.0 installed (at least was listed on add/remove programs). I tried to uninstall and install again using the standalone installer, nothing. Tried to install the updates for the .net 2.0, nothing. SP1, nothing. Tried .net 3.5, and still nothing! The plugin tester patch on the girlpower folder do not show me the other plugins too, so i think it’s really a problem of .net framework. But I can’t really solve it…

I don’t know anymore if this is a on-topic question, but I need help. :D

helo candian,

strange. can you please try on a different pc and confirm that it works?

having .net2.0 installed should be the only requirement to have the plugins running. i am not aware of anything else needed.

just an idea…
if it was possible to monitor the hf radio signal Level
of the wiimote…
energy/amplitude of the bluetooth signal is relative to the distance then it could act as a 3D distance sensor!!!
dunno if it’s possible …

Would become very un precise, since power also depends on other stuff than distance.

The Bleutooth dongle and my front side USB-port made a great combination to instantly turn off my computer, ever going to use that USB port again.

Very great plugin indeed! Aweswome and easy!!

I wonder what the use is off the 4 LED’s on the controller is? Just for user feedback?


you can also rewire it to the battery status. you can k.i.t.t. it for fun. you can show the number of ir-blobs recognized at any given moment.

on a side note: i saw that brian peek incorporated the wii balance board into his code, hence i could update the node to support that as well.
is there any need for it though? otherwise i’d wait till the motionplus is out.

you can also use the rumble (trig 1 time / 2 time etc…)
in my setup led’s combination are use to know the selected track in ableton live with some blinking function i know if the track is cureently playing or recording…etc
but note that using blinking led or rumble sequences speed down the data flow from the wiimote…try to make short events :)

motionplus : héhé waiting for this one :)


I’m having an issue getting two wiimotes functioning properly, I’m using a Nikkai BT adapter and Bluesoleil and have the two connected as HID devices in Bluesoleil, the two wiimotes have the same name: ‘Nintendo RVL-CNT-01’ but different addresses of course.

My problem is that when I connect the two and load up the help file for this plugin, under ‘multiple use’ the only IDs that work are -1 and 0, both use the first wiimote that I connected and I can’t get any input from the wiimote I connected last.

Is there any way I can work around this? I’m going to give GlovePIE a quick go but I think that could be rather complicated!

Thanks very much!

i know about the issue. it has to do with blue soleil. all wiimotes that were ever recognized are stored in the windows registry and only the one with the lowest HID gets connected with -1
the common way was to reinstall blue soleil to get rid of abandoned HIDs.

today i got around reworking the plugin and adding support for the guitar and the balance board. whoever has them, please test since i don’t have such childish stuff ;-)

also i reworked the mechanism of accessing multiple wiimotes.
for most people using only one wiimote nothing will change. but for those who use different wiimotes (simultaneously or not doesn’t matter, see above) a list of IDs of all Wiimotes that ever were or are connected is populated. then you only have to find out which one it is you are about to connect.

so please try that.


ps: i haven’t checked in the code yet, because it seems that the updates on the library i am using have caused some performace issues when using the leds and the rumble option.

wii_neu.rar (42.8 kB)

Thanks very much for updating your code! That’s a very handy new feature to have.

It did help somewhat, I’ve got it all running smooth now, I’m running Bootcamp on a Macbook Pro and originally had an early version of Bluesoleil that was having problems recognising 2 wiimotes separately, I updated and the two wiimotes worked for a while then started dropping out after short periods.

Anyway I eventually decided to try messing with the XP Bluetooth drivers to get native Bluetooth working and this has proven to be the best solution. As I guess a few people on this forum have a similar setup and may have similar problems I’ll let you know how I got this working; I had a link to the guide but I lost it so here’s a quick explanation:

Open Device Manager, go to your Bluetooth device, go Properties - Details - Hardware Ids, make note of the info there.

go into C:/WINDOWS/INF and open bth.inf, under Manufacturer, add:

Apple=Apple, NT.5.1

And under Device Section - Start, add

Apple Bluetooth Radio= BthUsb, USB\Vid_05ac&Pid_8205

If the last part of those numbers is different to what you looked up earlier in Device Manager, change it to match.

Save bth.inf

Go to your Bluetooth device in Device Manager again and go to Driver - Update Driver and choose custom location, browse to C:/WINDOWS/inf and it should update the driver. Restart Bootcamp and your Bluetooth should be working all good and well.

Yay. Hope this helps someone at some point.

edit: wiimoteplugin (beta21)

the main wiimote tilt/force doesn’t work if the extension (nunchuck) is enabled

the InfraRed…doesn’t work at all


does anbody know a way to check if and what WiiMote is connected to the system from within vvvv ?
I searched around but did not find a way … perhaps it is an easy one !?

To be able to check if a Wiimote is connected or not (not only registered) would be very helpful working with velcromes great plugin, as the plugin is not autoconnecting to wiimotes that become active while patch is running.

Any ideas/solutions ?


hi, I download wiimote, but i don’t know how to set plugin.

plz, reply…

i had a quick look into it and i don’t know whats going on. this one needs more time. sorry :/
strangest thing is, the very same dll works just fine in beta20

because vvvv freezes when activating the enable button it is kinda silly to keep on doing that. however, you might be able to do that in a second instance of vvvv just started for the purpose of checking for wiimotes.
if any wiimote controllers are found to be connected, the status strings will have the info you need. in case more than one wiimote is detected, a list of available wiimote-ids will be populated. i am not sure but i believe the order of those wiimotes is identical to the order you connected the particular wiimote for the very first time. but that might be true only for the bluesoleil stack.

you don’t need to download that zip anymore. just install .NET, and the addon-pack on the download section of this wiki. then you should be able to access the wiimote-plugin as you would any other basic vvvv node, module or plugin.

hi velcrome hope you can find the time to fix it


Seems strange, but sending moral support…
Hope it returns at some point.

hi all,
just for information, probably the wiimotionplus will be soon detected by WiimoteLib.
This is a post by bryan peek
hope to try it with vvvv :DDD

I had an issue where the wiimote would be properly detected in GlovePIE, but in vvvv would only receive button pushes and not accelerometer info.

Was pulling my hair out, but then solved it by simply connecting and then disconnecting the nunchuck.