Vvvv for Linux?

IS vvvv ever gonna be available for linux?

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hmm, sebastian oschatz told me a while ago that’s not planned to do a port to linux.

so that would be some nice news.

… but whats up with dirext x? replace it with open gl or what will happen with that part??

one option would be to use native opengl. another option could be to use a render engine (like irrlicht), which aims to be cross platform and supports directx and opengl at the same time. in this case the user could choose between directx and opengl when working on a windows machine. under linux only the opengl backend would work.

but all this still is very speculative since we at the vvvv group don’t have a clear roadmap for this shift to cross platform.

i still see much more sense in getting vvvv run one one platform perfectly rather than wasting time doing the same things under a different operating system running on the same chipsets.

so i will personaly fight for not letting this happen in the next years, if it costs to much developer time. but if some linux hackers join us, why not…

If it were written for linux then it could be easily ported to mac as well, myself and many others are moving to other operating systems(mainly osx) - yes it will take time to develop but i think it would be a much smarter idea in the long run.

Its more money that could be spent towards installations and being creative instead of paying for an operating system, just for direct3d (which can be done without it anyway)

i agree with mr.oschatz…i prefer a stable system and dev time commited to new functions. in addition windows/direct-x brings various hardware under one umbrella without demanding driver installation. and look at promising direct-x 10 and direct-physics…all standards which make more things possible, unite hardware developers and free the user from installation hassle.

ps: i use OSX too…i’m not just a windows nerd

I’m also of the developement should be windows first, to my mind an os is not really an issue, if I need to run osx software I use osx, if its windows only its windows, now intel macs, dual boot, there doesnt seem to be such an issue.
But then I’ve never yet used Linux, so maybe I’m biased, is there actually an advantage apart from it not being windows?

IS vvvv ever gonna be available for linux?

the orginial reason i asked is because im trying to outfit a Visuals compnay and run 3-4 differant user stations off of one linux box(Windows only claims to be multi-user)

as you can easily plug in 4 graphic cards with 2 outputs each connecting to 8 matrox dualheads running up to 16 renderers in fullscreen i dont really see the point?

Here’s another vote for making vvvv cross-platform. I refuse to move to Vista (based on security issues unrelated to vvvv), and it would make me very very very sad indeed to have to leave behind vvvv when I do so, as I love it so very much.

I think that the disadvantages for moving cross-platform would be more than made up for by the expanded user base that the OSS community provides.

IS vvvv ever gonna be available for linux?

I tried to run vvvv under linux and did quite good so far. I use xubunutu 8.04 with wine 1.14 and installed some needed things via winetricks (directx9c, gecko, visual c++ 6 & 2005 runtimes). D9x Render stuff does not work yet. But GDI does well. At least something.

Maybe some people with more dx9 knowledge could check the log out and go a bit further.

Screenshot.png (891.9 kB)

wohoo! very nice progress :-) would be nice to be able to switch to linux :-)

The only thing stopping me from moving to osx is vvvv, but if vvvv deteriorated in the process of moving to mac, then i’d rather it stayed windows only

similar situation for me, only with linux :-)

i got results similar to adrian, ubuntu 8.10, GDI works, DX9 not. will test more…

Out of interest for people running it on linux, are the plugins working (I supppose you need to install mono or have the .net framewrok installed via wine)?

Actually tried it myself :)
if you install .net framework 2.0 via winetricks plugins works as well (if plugin hasn;t got windows specific calls of course).

nice! (i wasn’t home so couldn’t try it yet)
now if we only could get dx9 renderers to work… :-/ any ideas?
i tried to follow up wine’s error messages, but didn’t find anything conclusive…