Vvvv and windows 7

Hello all

Has anyone tried vvvv on Windows 7 yet?

I need to borrow an extra computer for my show next week but the owner wants me to test drive windows 7 for them. I’ve heard that from a driver/api perspective it’s similar to Vista so maybe vvvv will work the same with it?

Cheers - Derformer

no problem to report here and used semi-extensively on windows 7.

Same Here, not gone too deep, but seems pretty stable on windows 7, i actually have high hopes! :-)

occassionally problems using the Text (EX9) plugin.
if you use this plugin it can happen anytime that vvvv stops working. maybe slimdx related.
so save often…

otherwise no problems at all.
if i had any serious problems i would have had switched back to xp immediately…

like vista: first start of vvvv as an admin.

no problems with w7 here ;) finally a good os? :)

I have switched from vista to seven on a notebook with Core duo xtreme 9000, two nvidia 9800m Gt, and 6 giga.
It works…nice and fast, all except audio in (audioin pin show only the Mic).
Someone has solved this problem with the mixer?


did you have a look at your device manager e.g.for unknown devices?
i had to install my audio drivers manually.

all the device are ok…
but microsoft has removed the wave out recording from mixer (stereo mix, or mono mix)

I tried this :


but nothing come out inside the mixer…and the pin of the AUDIOIN show only the Mic.

…the solution for me now is to plug a jack from Lineout of my Sigma Tel soundcard…to Mic

…not elegant…but works :)

@glassppiel: i had the same problem of a hidden stereomix-channel, but the vista-way helped me get it visible again. i’m using onboard-sound.

Im Struggling to get vvvv to work on Windows7 on my macbook pro 13". All the relevant components are installed, and loading up the initial patch with the “Shwops and Mops” example i just get a blank renderer and no patch window. Deleting the args gives me only vvvv in the task bar but no patch window! Such a shame but ill keep trying, any ideas anyone?

digipic, you running the final 7600 RTM? just wanted to upgrade my build 7201 but them suckaz won’t let me upgrade so i have to wait till i have more time for fresh install…

someone else running the finished windows 7 7600 build and also having trouble with vvvv?

Hey, im running build 7100 which I dowloaded from the microsoft server yesterday. I expect im having issues with mac bits more than win7 itself!


*does blank renderer mean grey renderer?

*does Commandline Parameter with the argument /logstartup provide any informations?

in any case a TroubleShooting vvvvikipage is defintely missing.

Hi Kalle, strange thing, windows (on mac) started with errors, ran recovery. Now it starts fine and vvvv works, how well i dont know yet, but ill keep you updated! Nice one with the TroubleShooting page!

I may have jumped the gun earlier! I have a grey renderer, GDI works, so from the documentation it seems to be the addflow3 / DirectX issue.
Heres to trying stuff!

Alt+2 render docking not working for me. How to fix it?

  • Alt+2 render docking not working for me. How to fix it?

for me it’s alt+3 that isn’t working most of the time.

meanwhile i have to admit:

*driver support for nonconformous hardware seems to be really difficult.
+and don’t we all use special interfaces?!?

*expectedly support for 64bit versions is worse than for the 32bit ones.

you can’t blame Bill Gates for this; it’s definitely the lack of providers of special hardware.
understandably a small garage company can’t afford immediate support for all brandnew OS.
but it’s not only the small ones!

preliminary Hardware Blacklist for Windows 7 Ultimate 64 RC Build 7100

Midiman Midisport Uno USB

a really widely spread MIDIinterface with thousands of users:
the distributor “M-Audio” which belongs to “AVID” does big business and is for sure a globalplayer. surely lots of you know/have this little piece.

they still even don’t provide drivers for Vista64!! so no wonder that they don’t make a secret that Windows 7-drivers for MIDIinterfaces not even started to be developed

maybe they want to stop selling MIDIinterfaces. my next one will not be from M-Audio.

USBDMX2 from Soundlight (OEM from Sunlite/Nicolaudie)

is meanwhile an old USB DMXinterface, but fast and reliable.
this is only from interest if you already have one. newer models aren’t supported by vvvv anyway. see this thread and also this thread

by now i didn’t get managed to install the drivers, which is a real pity for me.

Hey guys is the basic version of Windows7 ok with vvvv? I mean i know that in the professional there is a sort of XP emulator or something, is that needed to have vvvv working? I’d like to get the more basic version, just to avoid all sort of crap that one can get when installing windows… what you suggest?

p.s. i’m about to buy a new workstation, i’ll start a new topic where i’ll post the configuration, just to hear your opinion/suggestions…

or is there already a topic like that? Thanks vvvvriends

on win 7 32-bit for two months already no way i’m going back.