Vvvv and windows 7

@defetto: i have win7 64bit ultimate, original, and no problem here. But i think with the basic version is the same :)

ok thanks guys, i think i’ll get the basic (home edition), cause i don’t see anything useful in the other 2 versions (professional and ultimate)

cheers :)

I just switched from XP to Windows 7, I also encountered the issue of the missing stereo-mix-channel. As I learned in my case it wasn’t only hidden, but no longer supported by the on board sound chip / driver, and the manufacturer (connexant) apparently doesn’t plan on adding this feature I had to find a way around it. I managed to do so using Virtual Audio Cable and following this tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5DJPV8Mbbk .

Just leaving this here in case somebody else encounters the problem.

majo tnks for the tip of the virtual audio cable! thats just what i need
im runing vvvv on w7 64b no problems at all, but im not a major developer, simple stuff only…
i found that in the case of crashing vvvv ( usualy with kinect plug in ) its easer for me to kill it and run it again on w7, on xp sometimes reboot its the only option