VL.Stride Workflow with rigged Model

Vvvvery simple question here ;-)

I want to load a rigged head and animate the mouth opening and closing inside gamma. What ist the most simple way to do this with VL.Stride? Which would be the best format for the 3D Model?


Have you seen this?:

ah. Thanks for the hint. Will look into it right now!

have a look at the “load project” and “modify loaded entities” help patch.

So, do I understand this correctly: you suggest to create a Stride Project (I understand that is done with their IDE), and then modify it in VL?

yes, that is the easiest way, at the moment.

in future, we’ll have tools to do all that at runtime, but for now, we only have the workflow with a stride project. or import the nodes yourself, like @Hadasi did.

@tonfilm I have a rigged model. Can I do the animation in Game Studio, or do I have to do it in my 3D Software?

Stride is only a “Player”, which means it expects properly prepared assets. also, if a model has many different animations, you have to split them into single files to import them. this is a current limitation: BlenderToXenkoAnimationSeparator

and then follow the manual here: manual/animation

@tonfilm Sorry to take this thread to the next level, and actually vvvv-forum might not be the best place to ask. But since you are so familiar with Stride, and I have no idea at all, I am asking for you advice again.

No matter what I do, when trying zo import blender-stuff (version 2.9) I am getting an assimp Error: Expected at least one object with no parent. Heard about this problem?

did you save the model as obj, fbx or so? .blend files can oly be imported up to version 2.8 i think…

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