VL.Stride and Rigged Models

Hi all :-)

I’ve working out how to get models loaded and animated in Stride and how to start playing with bones. Enclosed are 2 Stride projects, an example patch with 4 demos and a little library called ‘StrideBoneTransformingUtil’.


There are some hacks where a proper Stride process should be but feel free to take a peak. I’ll have some things to say about it during next week’s meet up. Join in the conversation ;-)


Stride-Skeleton_Proj.zip (7MB)


Hi, I tried your examples with gamma 2021.4 preview, but nothing seems to work. Do you have any tips how to make it alive again? Thanks!

@StiX what was the error? (I checked with preview 0628, seems okay) but maybe its a file path issue rather than a anything else.