VL.Stride.TextureFX missing

Hi, I’m trying to work with the Fuse library and I’m seeing that I’m missing the VL.Stride.TextureFX dependancy. when I try to install it from the dependencies tab I’m an getting an "Unable to find package ‘VL.Stride.TextureFX’ " error.

I’m running Fuse on an M1 Max running windows 11. gamma always worked great on my old i7 Macbook pro running windows 10 so I’m not sure where the problem is?

Did anyone come across this issue before?

I’m working with the stable 5.3 gamma release


You will probably not be able to work with stable 5.3 because there is no stable 5.3 yet
Try GammaLauncher to be up to date
And most likely, if you install the latest preview and Fuse Beta2, at least half of the problem will go away

There are also a number of topics on the forum about MacBooks with M1. Have you looked at them?

Hi, thank you for your replay. I’ve installed the latest gamma preview and also the latest fuse preview and everything seems to be working!

Kinda want to test this on my old i7/radeon MacBook too


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hi, i have the same problem, I am using gamma 2023 5.3 - / vl. fuse 1.0.2. and says the same
with vl.stridetextureFX. does this came in anoter version and now is missing? is there a way i can put it as a file dependecy ? thanks guys - (windows 11- pc)

@sabme As 5.3 is a bit old, there is a chance that you are using an incompatible build. Which 5.3 are you using?