VL - Skia Renderer Bug and strange vl document behaviour



we have some issues with skia in the newest alpha. Any renderer opens only when a VL document is drag`n dropped into vvvv. Not when double clicking a vl document. The document opens, but no renderer appears.
Also the renderer is always red:

And when deleting a renderer, or creating a new one this doesn’t work every time. We often have to close vl and vvvv and restart everything to get the renderer back.

Another issue is that vl documents that were created from within vl don’t appear as a node, when dropped into vvvv.


Just discovered, that there needs to be a “Patch” inside the Document Patch in order to show up in vvvv. Really confusing. See also: VL - What is a patch?


yes, the document patch contains your definitions. you first have to create a process that can be executed.

totally agree that the document patch should look different than data flow patches and that the error message should suggest to move into or create a process.


Thanks for clearing this up.

With the newest alpha, there is still the error “CloseDocumentOfNode” in the renderer.


so you downloaded the newest alpha, and then, how did you install skia?


I can confirm the same behaviour on my machine.
I installed skia via console as suggested.
Now if I clone the VL template and place a renderer it appears as it should. It is still red, as it has always been for me, but otherwise works. When I save the template and drag it into vvvv, everything works as expected - the renderer appears. When I double click the same VL document it opens, but no renderer appears.


It might have something to do with the bug in the renderer that has been there on every machine and every release canditate I used since skia was first introduced.


there is directory in lib\packs starting with “VL.Skia”.
Can you please tell me what version you have installed?
Could it be that you skipped the part “-Source”?

edit: regardless of that we try to make this part easier


ok, I removed the skia nuget and installed it again with the addition of “-Source”. I can’t tell if I did it the first time like this, or not. So the renderer is not red anymore and the document closes, when closing the renderer as intended. So that’s solved.
Still the original bug persists. The renderer window doesn’t show up when I open a vl document directly, but only when dragged into vvvv. A custom patch I should say, the examples are working. So I might be missing something in the vl patch.

VVVV.Value.test.vl (4.5 KB)


cool! actually, it now should even work without specifying the source. Can you confirm?

That’s intended behavior. Unlike in vvvv, VL documents can include patches that don’t run.
So to make a patch run there are a few concepts:

  • Make it live within an already running VL patch -> place it as a process node into another running VL patch
  • Make it live in a vvvv patch -> place the node into any vvvv patch
  • “Place it into the runtime” as an entry point -> for now this is expressed by naming it Root


Thanks for the detailed explaination. We somehow assumed, that process patches in the document patch would be executed. Also it wasn’t obvious that the renderer window wouldn’t show up, if the patch was not executed.
Maybe some clear feedback, indicating that a patch is executed (or not) would be helpful.


you can usually see that if you hover over a node or a definition. the tooltip should show the timing values. if not, set “ToolTipShowTimings” to true. but this should be enabled by default…


This I consider “subtle feedback”, whereas “clear feedback” is something like the “This patch is not getting evaluated” bar in vvvv.