VL - What is a patch?

This is a post by @mburk, who didn’t log in correctly :)

It is very unclear what a patch is supposed to be. When I type in “Patch” in the node browser nothing appears. The shortcut “CTRL + P” creates a new “patch”, which actually is a process called patch. Really confusing!
When I type in “Process” a new thingy (Is it a patch?) is created and called process.
I find it also very confusing, that I jump into a patch, when I’m pressing CTRL+P.
This is also inconsistent with creating a process from the node browser.

Also I am confusing CTRL+P and ALT+P all the time - it seems those shortcuts do something fundamentally different: Navigating and creating something. Why do these functions have so similar shortcuts? shouldnt alt+something and ctrl+something be like to similar things related for example to the entity “patch”?

this page might help:


if not, let us know what can be improved in the documentation.

Ok, this cleared naming conventions up quite a bit. I think the problem here is that the interface doesn’t communicate a lot of these things like that a definition and a group are a subtype of „patch“. Also it feels like a patch should be creatable from the node browser.
Just trying to share some usability impressions to maybe make things a bit more straight forward. Thanks!

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