It’s about .net wrapper for DLib.
We have started it for a project, currently couple face detectors and video tracker are running - cuda accelerated (whats possible), - and runs realtime.
Adding features one by one is relatively easy, but making a full wrapper is changeling, of course. What would be really interesting is to setup a custom trainer for detectors - they saying it gives a result even on 5 images, and have a shiny example of it.

Available as nuget:
nuget install vl.dlibdotnet -pre


Should work with others cuda versions and without cuda as well - you need to reference the right DlibDotNet version and rebuild source project. - I haven’t try it yet.
Source repository.


looks tasty

Any updates on this?

I would be interested and could contribute (with work).

Hi @ravazquez, there is not much progress yet, but I will publish it by the weekend.

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Later I should make a nuget for this, but for now build is included to the repo.

And when anybody has an idea of what to do with this mess of different types - like rectangles, points and vectors, - I would appreciate a hint.

You mean a Rectangle coming from a dll that’s not compatible with gamma’s built-in Rectangle ? You have to make your own conversion operations that converts from the lib’s Rectangle to gamma’s one, usually by splitting one and joining it to the other (and of course vice versa).

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Hi @sebescudie, this part is clear for me. But I’m wondering if there is a way to avoid producing hundreds of types which are actually the same but from different libraries: there are two types of Rectangle in Dlib, one in gamma and one in OpenCV… And when we are go to the vectors - it can go totaly crazy.

Is there any examples on how to use this library? im able to install the package buit cant find any examples on the help browser window…

You can find a short demo here (starting @ ~4:44:00).

I’ve changed the description - with nuget you get a little help patch.

Does it support " Landmarks " tracking ??


Hi @jzzxh
I have this, but it is a bit slow right now and not in the nuget yet - haven’t found time update it so far.


Hi @Rayment , I tried DLib recently and it only seems to work with Gamma 2020, and the face markers were not included. did you find any time to update this?

Hello @Hadasi , so far I didn’t plan any further updates, but I’ll try to have a look at this next days.

as an alternative have you had a look at facemarks coming out of VL.MediaPipe?

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