Videoin causes blue screen of death

Hello everyone

I have installed VVVV on two xp pcs.

The following problem happens just in one of them:

The moment i “move over” the videoin control with the mouse pointer - Windows crashes to the blue screen.

This also happens when I load the videoin help (sample file).

On both computers - I have DX9:
DirectX 9.0c (4.09.0000.0904)

dxdiag finds nothing.

Is it something with DShow? Is it a separate component ?

The dump says something about mcdevice.sys


helo guest,

we like to blame those rare bluescreens on failing hardware drivers. so please make sure you have latest drivers for your graphic card and camera.

also tell us which camera and graphiccard you are using on both machines. maybe someone has specific experience with your hardware.

Well, in fact, there are two virtual cam’s installed.
They are screen-capture-as-webcam-input software:
Luminositi SoftCam
MagicCamera Capture

The funny behaviour of all this is:
*Creating the videoin control - ok
*Moving the mouse on the input points - ok
*Clicking on the input points - ok - i see the values, and i also see the list of devices: SoftCam and MagicCamera. (Currently no real webcam connected)
*Moving the mouse over the control, or clicking one of the output points - blue screen

Now, I am trying to uninstall this screen-capture software:
But one of them - SoftCam - stays forever in the list of “webcams” in all applications.

Maybe you can help me with this:
How do I remove a certain “virtual webcam” from the windows webcam’s list? Uninstall didn’t make it for this SoftCam.

Of course, this issue is a candidate for the cause of blue screen: In the other computer (the stable one…), there are currently no webcam connected nor virtual webcam installed.

(I also upgraded MS Windows Media Player from 9 to 11, upgraded DirectX, but these did not solve the problem)

More information:
The webcam - is a philips PCVC690 - not connected at the time of crash.
The graphic card is - ATI MOBILITY RADEON 9600. I have manually upgraded it’s driver to the latest, lately. But there is no other occurence of the symptom, other than vvvv-videoin.



the funny behaviour you describe is quite seriously just as it is. only when evaluating the videoins output the videocapture driver is actually initialized internally. and there it seems to fail.

*How do I remove a certain “virtual webcam” from the windows webcam’s list? Uninstall didn’t make it for this SoftCam.
hmm…evil. you could browse through the registry and delete all references to SoftCam. however, do this at your own risk. or try to contact the makers of softcam or install a newer version of that sofware…

good lukc.

sadly now I have to report the same problems. bluescreen with videoin.


win xp sp2
logitech quickcam 9600
actual pentium
ati radeon hd 3650
vvvv 40beta17

… and a fresh installed system including latest drivers!

the bluesceen reports something like lvuvc.sys Address error - the bluesreen disappears a lot to fast to get the hole error message.

hmm, shit now I have to get a new cam asap. anybody with the same cam around, can you confirm that error?!

Edit: Ok, seems that this is a know issue based on terrible logitech camera drivers. I hope I will find a workaround - maybe with generic drivers - otherwise I have to buy me a new cam tomorrow :(

yesterday a bluescreen crash on videoIn with beta17…

video IN is a dvcam, just playing with fiducials and pete deinterlace plug in…
i have virtual splitcam installed but not used

i m XP… could that be due to SP3 ?

cheers , :-)

nobody here uses the Logitech QuickCam Pro?

now tested VirtualDub and there everything seems to work! doesn`t virtualdub also use directshow ? why does it work there and not in vvvv? anyway … is there a way to remotecontrol virtualdub … everything I wanna do is save triggered videostills in a folder for further processing them in vvvv?!

Ok, I realized that it maybe would be to much overload to use virtualdub for just make a still - anybody knows a good and remoteable (via udp ok osc) little capture programm to save still images from the imput stream?

…because I got more and more away from the actual topic I opened a new thread here.

@joreg: hmm, I tested my cam in graphedit and there everything seems to work fine! Doesn’t that me that it also should work in vvvv?

graphedit is a hint but not the whole truth.
there are still different ways to render the image and the exact rendering technique used in vvvv cannot be simulated in graphedit.

if you have mediaplayer classic and in the playback-output options you select VMR9 (renderless) and “Use texture surface and render video in 3D” that should come pretty close to vvvvs rendering mode.

then restart mpc and file->device and check your cam.

thanks for the tip joreg, will try that tomorrow. I also think about a workaround - using something like split cam and route that into vvvv (works with split cam but the software only supports pal resolution) …is this a good idea or rather a performance killer!?

Hi Joreg, tried your suggestion and in mediaplayer classic with the mention settings everything works fine! so I wonder a little what the problem is and what causes the bsod - any tips!?

hmm…can you join ##vvvv?

jup - I am in #vvvv right now

hi there,

its the same problem (with the same camera) at my pc now.
started with a very old philips webcam and the vvvv40beta17 and directX from aug2008 on WinXPpro everything was fine.
then i installed the “logitech quickcam pro 9000 pro” with the newest drivers from logitech (installer called qc1180.exe).
after that vvvv crashes with bluescreen when starting the video-output (on CamShiftTracker help.v4p for example).
now, after deinstalling the logitech-driver, the problem is gone…
now the pro9000 is working as DirectShow “usb device”.

with virtualDub there has been none of the problems all the time.

best regards

and how about beta18?

with beta18 its the same story:
with logitech-driver -> bluescreen
without logitech-driver-> camera is working as ‘usb-device’

with beta18 without logitech-driver working as usb-device…how well? the problem with beta17 was that it was too slow. but this could be fixed with beta18. what else would you need the logitech-driver for then?