Videoin causes blue screen of death

hi joreg,

beta18 doens’t fix the slowing down of the system for logitech quickcam 9000 pro. sadly the cam is now already used in the installation so I can’t give more informations at the moment … but in a month or so I will get the cam back then I can make some more tests.

… another problem is that without the logitech drivers all the ‘extra’ cam options are not available.

best andreas

@joreg - maybe we see us next week, I still need to get my cam back (but it’s not that hurry)

Hi there,

I hope this thread hasn’t died yet.
I get the same prblem using the built-in cam on my Nexoc E619 (aka Compal IFL90/Sagem 2090 etc…).

Whenever a pin in VideoIn is clicked vvvv freezes. Its even impossible to kill the process in the taskmanager. Logout doesn’t help either, so I have to restart the whole machine, which is a major turnoff.

The cam is a Sonix, don’t know which one though. Found no newer drivers than the ones provided by the laptop manufacturer.

System specs:
XP Pro SP3
.NET installed
DX 9 latest

Deactivating the cam and using another one (Philips TouCam Pro II in this case) solves the crashing problem. Of course I would prefer not having to carry that around…

Can this be fixed by vvvv? I don’t expect anybody at Sonix to burst into tears and write new drivers if I told them (actually I wouldn’t know what’s to fix).

Alternatively I’d suggest to start a compatibility list.


ps: besides: just took my first steps with vvvv. nice work so far guys :-)

helo fluff,

you are using beta19.1, right?
hm…really hard to deal with those problems.
@m9: do you have your cam back meanwhile? probably i could have another look at it…and maybe that could solve fluffs troubles also…

hi joreg,

used 18 and 19.1
(forgot that cause I had posted before but the server died on me and I had to write again)

hi joreg - I;m really busy atm, but I can borrow the cam in the beginning of next month.

an other problem with the web cam, runs very slow, or freezed.

mac book pro 15" sp3,
ati radeon x1600, updated
vvvv 40.17, 18, 19, 19.1 (the same problem)
the latest bootcamp drivers installed.

thanks a lot

think i got the little bugger. so i have beta>20 running with the quickcam pro 9000s 11.8 driver. but still only with 5fps@1600x1200 so thats the same as with the generic windows usb cam driver. but this seems just to be the specs, as the cam reports the following:
I420 1600x1200 - 1600x1200 Granularity in X:1 Granularity in Y:1 @5 to 5fps

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