Video synch on multiple PC

Hi guys,
in order to use 1 PC with multiple outputs what do you think about GPU like Radeon Pro WX 9100 or similar? Do they work with vvvv and hap plugin? How many output do you ever managed with this kind of GPU?


What about Display Port hub MST? I read I can connect 4 1080p monitors to 1 DP port. Do you think I can use more DP hub MST to connect 8 monitors from 2 DP port or even more?

Sorry for too many questions but I’m trying to undestand how can I manged a multi-monitor/projection/ledwall project.

I’ve would use 3-4 1060gtx or 1070gtx, don’t see much hassle here, but you also would need fat motherboard…

Ati was crap, but quite a while ago… so it might work, I know people were using eyenfinity setups

Using extra hardware attached on outputs is general pain in connectivity (eg. not always work with longer cables)

This pretty much all you have to know…

i dont know the current state of pairing with GTX

@DiMiX: 8 4K outputs!? Wow! Did you test it with vvvv?

i have nvs 510 only. Its hard to compare with nvs 810 But I think for pre-rendered stuff /mediaserver it should work. its designed for multi-display digital signage setup. but for directX dont expect too much. my nvs510 is on the level GTX 600M-700M.
P.S. you can double it (up to 16 displays when used with multiple NVS 810 graphics cards)

@DiMiX: Do you think it works with hap plugin to managed videos on multiple screens? With double gpu all the outputs are in synch?

Thanks for the useful info!

If you are going to use your setup in a professional situation and plan to use more than one output or even multiple cards you should avoid consumer/gaming cards like the 1060 gtx etc. - especially when displaying content on LED walls. In those scenenarios the outputs of the GPU(s) need to be framelocked.
This is only the case with professional workstation cards like the Nvidia Quadro Series or AMD’s Firepro / Radeon Pro.
When you are going for more than one card per PC those cards have to be synced to each other using special boards - Quadro Sync or FirePro S400. In general I’d advise against more than one card per system, see for example:

When using external “splitters” make sure they also support framelocking, this is not the case with MST-hubs or Matrox’ Dual-/Tripleheads. Again you’ll need professional (more expensive equipment) like the Datapath FX4.

Also have a look at:

HAP shouldnt be a problem. On nvs510 I can smoothly play 8k@30fps

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Ok. Let’s try to summarize. Please correct and add any kind of useful info.

  • Nvidia GeForce GTX/RTX: good for vvvv DirectX, max 4 outputs per GPU, no outputs framelocked, no multi gpu recommended
  • Nvidia NVS: good for vvvv pre-render stuff, max 8 outputs per GPU, output framelocked?, 2 gpu but are they synched?
  • Nvidia Quadro: is good for vvvv? max 4 outputs per GPU, outputs framelocked, multi gpu with Quadro Synch card

What about AMD today? Are AMD GPUs good for vvvv?

  • AMD Radeon RX: similar to Nvidia GeForce, right?
  • AMD FirePro: similar to Nvidia NVS, max 6 outputs, right?
  • AMD Radeon Pro: similar to Nvidia Quadro, max 6 outputs, right?

Hi guys,
I tried Nvidia NVS 810 to play 1 big hap video on 6 FullHD screens + a control touch screen but I reached very low performance. Max 22-25 fps.
I tried also AMD Radeon Pro WX 9100. Here Windows blue screen when vvvv renderer starts.

I think it is better to use 2 GPU to control 7 FullHD screens with 1 PC. 2 GTX work fine together? I don’t have any experience with Quadro GPU. Do you think 2 Quadro GPU (P1000 or P2000) work fine together to control 7 FullHD monitors?

You can check the GPU Load with GPU-Z
Just check what’s hitting perf most

Hi @antokhio,
I checked with the Nvidia integrated tool and during the playback the GPU of NVS 810 was almost 100%. Do you have any experience with double GPU in 1 PC? I’m going to move to 2 GTX or 2 Quadro.

Well, obviously I do, what I usually advise is one fat GPU like 1080ti and some simpler ones for the outputs, from my observations only the GPU with display marked as primary actually does all work…

I haven’t try with Quadros, but I doubt they are better then regular ones… Make sure you also have PCIx-16 slots

how many outputs are you confortable to handle with 1 pc? video or realtime content ?

my rule has allways been to do max 4x1080p per cpu, but mostly for video. realtime could be tricky to sync/patch

For real-time is really depends on a lot parameters… I would say up to 6 but that would be just a safety feeling…

In general I’d recommend 3 outputs per video card, but it’s hard to get more then 3 video cards on one motherboard…
If you play hap or dds you have to take sdd speed in to account, The biggest res I had was around 8192x8192 on ssd raid-0 with dxt1 FPS around 30…

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@antokhio: did you experience synch problems between the 2 GTX on the same PC?

Hi, well i never had something like that noticible…
This usually an hardware related stuff, like DLP beamears, or extenders…
I doub’t genlocking would save you from that…

Just doubble checked and the res was 6064x8192, and FPS was under 30…

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