Use Touch input to change the view of a Stride Render

Hello everyone :)
I would like to use a touch input to change the view of the camera in a Stride Renderer.
I’m interested in simulating the mouse behaviour in the Stride renderer:
Orbit: Drag with Left Mouse Button → using Drag motion
Dolly: Drag with Right Mouse Button → using Pinch motion

Has anyone already developed something similar?
Thank you very much!! :)

Ping @ravazquez, he is an expert in that.


Hi @ravazquez :)
Do you have any suggestion?
Thank you!

Hi @Martina1,

Writing up a proper answer will need some time and patching on my end.

In summary, for your use case, you want to manipulate an orbit camera’s yaw and distance based on drag delta and pinch delta values from Stride gesture nodes. That should give you an idea of where to look.

I’ll report back when I have something more useful.


Hi @ravazquez ,
thanks for your answer :)

I have undestood how to manipulate Orbit camera to have the movements that I want. Wit the mouse input, i can do it.
My problem now is to recognize the touch gestures… I’ve done a more specific post and @bjoern suggested me to use this library Gestures | Stride Manual .

But I’m not able to use it. I don’t understand how I can get the Gesture Device node to link to Notification - Gesture Device .

Do you have any suggestion?
Or maybe you can suggest another way?

Thank you very much