Touch Gestures recognition with gamma

Hi everyone :)
I’m looking for a library that recognizes touch gestures with gamma (pinch, zoom, swipe, rotation, etc) but I can’t find anything. Anyone have any suggestions?
Thank you very much ;)

Stride supports gestures but the nodes are not yet fully implemented in VL.Stride.

Afaik you’ll have to reference the Stride.Input.dll from vvvv_gamma_5.x\packs\dependencies and go from there. Also make sure that the Advanced aspect is enabled in the nodebrowser



Hi bjoern,
thank you very much for your answer!

Reading the section Gestures in Stride Manual, I don’t understand how to use the touch inputs with the gesture nodes and how to use the GestureEvent.
Do you have any suggestion?
Thank you very much

This is probably what you are looking for, but it is not ready yet for easy usage out of the box:

a note on the VL.IO.Multitouch: you’ll only need this if you need multiple gestures interacting at the same time. if you need this, please get in touch via and we can sort things out, because as mentioned the pack is not yet in a ready-to-use state.

otherwise, for single gestures, the stride gestures should be fine.

Thanks for your answers!
Yes, stride gestures is fine for my needs :)

Can anyone help me figure out how to start using it? Without the help patch, I have some difficulties :)
Thanks very much!

Hi guys, sorry to bug but I don’t have any more feedback. The problem is I don’t know how to use these nodes, what is the working flow ? … it is doable without writing any new nodes ? @joreg @bjoern

thank you !

My problem is to understand how I can get the Gesture Device node to link to Notification - Gesture Device.

Thanks :)

Hello everyone :)
For now I tried to recognize tap and swipe for monotouch use.
It works but I’m not sure that I’m using AsyncLoop in a proper way.
Suggestions are welcome :D

Here the patch
tap and swipe_3.vl (55.2 KB)

An update: I’ve tried to use Foreach (Keep)

Here the patch
tap and swipe_6.vl (94.9 KB)