Troubles to read images from an IP Camera based on VLC plug in

Hi !

i have received an IP Camera from INOVA and i m facing some troubles around getting the signal as a texture.

This camera is using VLC 2.13 x86 as plug in. I uninstalled all my previous VLC around, restarted my computer and installed VLC 2.13 x86

I m using the VVVV 34.2_X86 version

In an HTML URL Renderer, i have my image processed in the renderer.

Converted from GDI To EX9 Texture, the image is blank, i can see all menus ect…

Using the HTML Texture node, it prints that the VLC plug in is missing.

When testing with Chrome its prints also that the VLC plug in is missing, Chrome points to this: ((

In edge it shows also the VLC plug in is not installed

What can i do to solve this ?

hum… still no ideas ?

think u can try with old vlc dx9 node to access stream directly

hi antokhio is it a plugin ? have you got a link ?

it legacy original vlc contribution, i have no clue how to get it from website

@karistouf in case you use the contribution, you should have installed an older version of vlc, iirc <(=,?)1.9. There are some threads you can look for about this; maybe there’s something in the contribution comments too.

ok we are talking about a vlc in < 1.9 version working with ip cam streams ?

I’m sorry, it’s not 1.9 but 1.1.9

vlc.exe <=1.1.9 should have been able to read streams with no problem. Can’t say if it’s the same for the contribution

hi h99, well i uninstalled previous vlc and installed an older version without success. still blank images or “missing codec” showing off.

does anyone has any idea on how i can get this **** stream ?

to resume:

  • getting some results only with VVVV 43.2 X86

  • i have an image with HTML Renderer.

  • GDITexture out from this HTML renderer is not showing on anything that the webpage ( no video stream)

  • HTML Texture node shows: no codecs installed

A bit of search led me to understand that Renderer HTML URL uses vlc activex plugin: I must go now, but you should have a look at this page:

you may find some clues

hello H99, a nice thread, yes

regsvr32 "C:\Program Files (x86)\VideoLAN\VLC\axvlc.dll"

does not work with x86 version and a 2.2 VLC, neither with IE8.

The x64 version on VVVV doesnot get any result from render_html node (blank image)

Ok, using a VLC 2.0 version, ie8 is showing on the image of the camera, node renderer_html also but only in vvvv 34.2x86 version.

No access to the codec and the stream with HTML_TEXTURE (i would like really to use)

ok, still banging my head and becoming quite furious that VLC is such messy.

Really i m still not understanding how this project is handled and not reliable if you look at all solution “working” with a specific VLC version, and not with others versions.

So, actually, i m not understanding why i have a stream in IExplorer, and not in VVVV with the HTML Texture Renderer.the VLC plug in not supported by VVVV is a NPAPI type.

still some years ago now (if i remember my first battles with ip camera in 2011) and still no IP node working correctly directly to print inside VVVV a texture ?


ok… no idea from anybody on how to get printing in html texture correctly ? i tried vlc 1.19 and still same trouble…

I wanted to suggest you to modify the html, so that you could try to use browser’s native player.
I made this page with a clickable element, that once activated, through javascript creates the box for the mp4 to be automatically played.
Well, it doesn’t work with HTML Texture. There’s the box, inside it there’s the time-bar on the mask with the controls interface - as a side note, the mask appears always; it does not hide after some secs -, but there are no control buttons (play and volume), and most important there’s no video playback.
Renderer URL works fine, play, pause, jump…
Now, I don’t know if this is by design, I should find the correct devvvv blog entry and see if it says something.
It is very strange however that html5 video tag creates a box with video controls and video interface both broken. It feels like something is buggy.
@joreg do I have to post a bug thread about this? Tested this with latest alpha, too. Same result.

@h99 if something works in chrome standalone but not in vvvv htmltexture then please demo that in a forum thread.

Can you stream directly into a video tag as shown If there’s a bug, and devvvvs fix it, and you can stream in chrome, then we could say you’re probably going to be fine, no?

Hi h9 ! thanks for your support.

the mp4 is readen in chrome with your clipboard, but not in VVVV html texture node

my problem is that i want to get the texture from an IP cam, directly in VVVV without doing dirty tricks like screen capture.
i have bought an IP camera for a personnal project especially just for this notion: receiving directly the stream inside VVVV without third party software.

so to summerize:

with webbrowsers:

  • in IE i have access to video image from the IP Camera, so i can presume that codecs are well installed on computer
  • in Chrome, VLC codecs are said to be no more supported (PNAPI type). The version of VLC used is 2.1.3

with VVVV:

  • Render HTML URL shows an image from adress in VVVV x86, not in x64
  • but the GDITexture node outputs frames, buttons, but not image
  • if i try with a HTMLTexture node i have menus and buttons, but no image. A message shows that VLC codecs is not installed. Despite any installation i can try to do of any version of VLC
    Those tests were done with VVVV 34.2 both x86 and x64 versions.

so, ( @joreg ?) it would be really nice to have access without dirty tricks to that stream. if a Render HTML URL can read it, why cant i have it by a GDI texture node ? and why can t the HTML Texture node doesnt work ?


test cam.v4p (9.3 kB)

hei karistouf,

i am afraid we’re hitting technical limitations here.

Renderer (HTML Url) is internally using IE10, that is the reason why it works. for why GDI-texture does not work i can only speculate that the way IE is using an activeX control to display the image is already kind of a hack that prefents it from beeing captured the way GDI-texture does.

HTMLTexture nodes use chrome internally. so if it doesn’t work in chrome standalone in the first place it also won’t run in vvvv.

Hi @joreg

Holly ch*** this is really very surprising and a personnal catastrophe

Is it possible first for you to make h99 example works (no mp4 printed to screen) first ? Hopping this will resolve my problem?

No possibility to get the stream from gdi texture node? Any dev trick ? Sending render to windows list of camera for video in?

On this i really need help !


I really need low latency video capture on this personnal project…

A sample with a poor ps3eye camera: