Troubles to read images from an IP Camera based on VLC plug in

Hi Chris, i don’t know if that gonna help you, but that only thing i know you still can try.
this is an old vlc version for dx9 it had command line arguments. i think you could open directly ip streams with it. Any version 1.1.X of VLC player should work. You’ll need to copy some dlls, for it to work…

Vlc_old_dx9.rar (22.7 MB)

hi athokio i will make a try monday (playing in a festival:

i need to solve really this painfull problem for next researches :)

hi antohkio, unfortunately, this doesnt works
i tried with arguments but sounds really not working :(

@joreg: i had M42 Optic, wich is providing me the camera, and developping it, they propose to me to create an application in CSharp wich will log to the camera, and will furnish an access point in memory to the stream, so i can get the array in 8 bits of my image (full HD)

They know i m using direct X

They asked me specifications and what i need to get my image running in VVVV, can you give me informations about it ? or patch samples that i can provide to them ?

it is related to shared memory texture, isnt it ?

thanks christoph

there are 3 options:

hi joreg, thanks a lot.

what is the quickest as i m mapping sand jets with its own image ? it s a 1920x1080 stream at 25 fps

reader or dx9 shared texture?

about reader, it will appear with a nickname, like a global variable, isnt it ?

depends: if they already have a dx9-texture than it is the fastest to get just that shared. i assume they don’t have that so you’ll have to go the (slower) cpu-sharedmemory route.

and yes the “Shared Memory Name” can be seen like an OS-wide global variable name.

thanks a lot joreg. Devs of this camera are working on it, very kindly.

i will keep you informed.

But it would be great to have a strong tool working ok in V4 from HTML textures. Seems really there is a problem (see h99 feedbacks) and really having something without two much pain would be really better…

If your IP camera can’t read images, It means the IP camera doesn’t boot correctly. Almost IP cameras work with DC12V power supply, power requirements are different. You can estimate the power requirements on the basis of IR range.

  • If no IR, or IR range within 20 meters: Required Power Supply is DC12V 1A.

  • IR range is within 20-30 meters: Required Power supply is DC12V 1A.

  • IR range is within 30-50 meters: Required Power Supply is DC12V 1.5A.

Hope this will help you. If still the problem remains, then you can consult with CCTV installation Companies nearby you or contact with technical support team.