Timerliner Usability Shading

to improve readability of timeliner i propose using a different shading.
like in table documents, every second bar could have a different shading. this would also allow to remove the border lines, leaving just graphs as the only line in every track.

image is attached, i didnt remove the border line though but i guess you can imagine how this would look like.

quick and dirty another version

and a reference


Timeliner is cool… but how about Sequencer? :D

@ u7angel: agree.
if you have more then 10-15 tracks - you get lost very quick.
another related “readability” problem - labelling the tracks:

  1. it’s limited by fixed width of 1st column
  2. changing (to the more readable) label produces broken links and makes impossible to save original file = temp files etc.
    @ unc: “sequencer” - do you mean kind of “graphical - states - morphing- interface”?
    sure, sometimes it would be enough, or even better and easier then timeliner
    i think tonfilm’s Process (Animation) with new table from OpenCV is a good start point.
    do you know graphical example in web for?

Hi, we could even have an advanced version of the Kalle node, that can give us control over the color of vvvv. I’d like to have everything darker all the time, and some part highlighted with color. Could be a config file maybe, or a bunch of node.


and glossy buttons ;)

@DiMiX: i mean something like non-linear video editing system, but for nodes, not videos :)

while editing with timeline i come across another need. a datatype bool would be nice. a track where you can simply set On/Off for a certain time. sure you can achieve the same with V+ but 0/1 keyframes would speed up things.

edit: mmm could be done with string

+1 for non-linear editing of tracks, although i see that this would rather be a longterm request…

@unc: non-linear (video)editing based on direct access to medadata/metacontent…of (video)data/content… dont know how to use this concept in v4
@u7angel: yes. one third of my tracks dealing with boolean switching (play/stop, evaluate/not evaluate etc.), another third - with integer switching between fix presets of the scene (in one preset I can pack dozen of animated values without having dedicated tracks)
+V in timeliner = IO box in patch, so it would be nice feature to have "value type"of IOBox: Real-Integer-Boolean

another feat request for timeliner:

  • move tracks up and down, just like the spreads of one track
    for now i could not change the order of tracks, once created

@ggml: why not? just left click (head of the track)& drag.

nice… didnt occur to me, maybe i was looking for buttons to press

horizontal variance would be also nice, like every second STATE could get slightly darker
sorry off-topic, but is there any chance we get Timeliner UNDO before Putin retirement?

have’t actually used a duration yet, but heard it quite good
as for the non-linear editing i would use something like timecode player
but it’s all about routine you want to have inside a patch

as for sequencing this is more heavy since you always need to rout the param, also it hell to set-up params exactly how you want it, and it not saved on close… list you can do an image sequence now…


duration has some cool features and i’d love to use it once.

but it lacks a simple scrolling functionality, what makes it quite useless for project with more than app. 10 values. … or for notebooks with tiny screens ;)

unfortunately i’m not firm with this whole of-thing, so i can’t add that by myself.

I’ve tried duration 003. was promising, but still in their first state of development. (can’t change once predefined range of track values, etc)
v4 timeliner is ok as basic, just i believe some user wishing some improvements over time.

thought about that one but it seems mac only…
might tutor on timeliner would be help full

quote antokhio

Some more useability issues:

  • Left/Right click to move value/time is pretty annoying. Single button would be just nicer, since when we move mouse a little bit on release we are never hovering the pin again. So left click to move/right click to edit value seems much more useable.
  • Keyboard Arrows to nug values.
  • Pins to change color on hover (since they so small it’s pretty hard to know if we grab them or not).
  • Default pin color: real lack of contrast, and if you have to work on a small/low quality screen (which happens in installs in the middle of nowhere), they are impossible to see.
  • Color timeline : Ability to choose color space (hsv is really not ideal in many cases), rgb is often very handy. Icing on the cake would be a color ramp ;)
  • Ability to save/import from file. Saving in config pin is useful and should be kept, but sometimes create quite some issues, and for now we have no way to properly import/export a timeline, so there is no reusability.
  • Docking option: nothing to say about benefits of this one ;)
  • Ctrl + A selects everything, which is ok, but should have option to select all within a single track too.
  • And why how why do we need to hide the mouse cursor while moving things? It’s just confusing and reduce precision (since cursor also has this modulo option, it can lead to “funny” behaviours too).