Timeliner saving issue

If I save my patch with the timeliner node, close and reopen it. Than all keypoints gone. Same happens when I open the helpfile and save it on my desktop. After opening again I have the same problems.

Why my timeliner lose the Keypoints after reopening?

my vvvv version is “vvvv_45beta34.1_x86”

hei guest,

i am afraid i cannot reproduce the problem.

  • i start vvvv_45beta34.1_x86
  • open the helppatch of Timeliner (Animation)
  • change some keyframes
  • save the patch
  • close vvvv
  • start vvvv
  • open the helppatch again and see the modifications i just did

what are you doing differently?

also: does it work for you with any previous release? if so: which is the last version that works for you?

Hello Joreg,

i have the same issues in beta 34.1 x86 when i do this:

  • open a new patch
  • create a timeliner node
  • create a value track ("+V")
  • click in some values
  • save the patch on Desktop, press “reload now”. All values are still there.
  • close it
  • reopen it --> all the values are gone.

If I do the same procedure in 33.7 x86 everything works fine, no values lost…

damn, cannot reproduce. can you please upload the saved file that doesn’t load correctly anymore for you?

see attached File.

What is also weird in Beta 34.1 x86:

  • I open the helppatch of timeliner
  • change some values
  • save the helppatch
  • quit vvvv
  • reopen vvvv and the timeliner helppatch
  • all the changed values appear. In this case saving the values works fine.

…but ONLY in the helppatch. In any self created timeliner i cannot save and reopen the timeliner without losing all values.

My vvvv folder lies directly on C:
Could this cause the problem? Some saving/rights thing?

TestTimeliner_saved_with_beta34_1_x86.v4p (2.5 kB)

can I also ask to gently do something with null reference exception when u need to add track to timeliner, since when I try that last time it was pain and misery ;]

@antokhio: please start a new thread for that describing in detail how to reproduce your problem

@gerrit, thanks the problem is visible with that patch even though i still cannot reproduce it myself. can you tell me the first vvvversion this is broken with? ie. does b33.7 work and b34 not? or only b34.1 not? or even an older version?

@gerrit another thing to try:

  • create a track (+V)
  • add some keyframes
  • create another track (+V)
  • save

now close/reopen and see if that works. in any case please also attach that new saved file here.

same problem, uploaded the patch

150929_Timeliner_saved_b34_1_x86.v4p (2.5 kB)

the last working Version is beta 33.7. x86

beta34 x86 is not working. patch is attached.

150929_Timeliner_saved_b34_x86.v4p (2.5 kB)

nobody else has this problem? here in the office everybody has it…

Hi gerrit,

please try to save the newly created patch first, before placing the Timeliner.
I confirm the problem you have and this is what has helped me now.
Does it work for you?


Hi Anton,
yes! That way it works. Thanks.

But: the other way should normally work, too. Right?

good find indeed. should be fixed now in latest alpha. please check and report.


still having this problem with vvvv_50alpha34.103_x64.

  • copy timeliner from attached patch in new patch
  • save new patch
  • open created patch

values are missing

the values can still be seen in the file, but won’t show up.

timeliner_1-3.v4p (11.4 kB)

Same problem on 34.2
If previously save and then edit timeline it’s work.
But I have 8 hours of work in my file and I couldn’t understand hot to fix this.

UPD. I fix this: one part of tags should be before part with numbers

Hello “Guest” ,

Can U explain, how you fixed it ? i have the 34.2 version, with the same problem///
Thanks !