Timeliner saving issue

same issue after copying the timeliner from one patch to another.

working with 34.2 x64

  • create a timeliner somewhere and create some keyframes and save the patch.
  • then copy & paste the whole timeliner node to another patch wich has been previously created and saved.
  • save that other patch.
  • reopen it.
  • all keyframes are gone

guess its the same issue.

if you copy & paste the timeliner node via xml from one .v4p file to the other it will save the keyframes properly.

hope it helps to reproduce.

@david yes, same behaviour here

confirmed, my above mentioned fix only fixes a very specifc case. will see what we can do…

ouright, latest alphas have a fix for that in place. can anyone please test and confirm?

Nope still broken