The new website


first of all I want to congratulate for the new website. Awesome!
And secondly, I’d thought might be good to have sort of collective thread for new website.

I just looked around and some first impressions:
-Its hard to read topics of forum as its spacing is quite big and somehow is readability disturbed by nearby tag boxes.
-I like the tags.
-Click toggle, double click is confusing for me. May be its in the beginning only.
-I like the like buttons.
-Contributions has a nice style.
-Where is the difference between Vvvv thumbnail (upper left) and menu item vvvv>home?
-I like vimeo, flickr and delicious
-Whats relations at posting a thread site?

  • Its hard to read topics of forum as its spacing is quite big and somehow is readability disturbed by nearby tag boxes.
    you mean on the main forum listing page, ja?

  • Click toggle, double click is confusing for me. May be its in the beginning only.
    ja, we had that during betaphase…some people would expect a single click to solo a tag as they wouldn’t expect to be able to multi-select tags. if you get the idea of multi-selections of tags it feels quite natural that a click toggles a tags selection. and a hard press (doubleclick) solos a tag.

  • Where is the difference between Vvvv thumbnail (upper left) and menu item vvvv>home?
    klicking the vvvv-logo in the upper left you reach the main vvvv-portal site usually interesting for first time visitors / non-registered users. as soon as you’re registered you’d set your bookmarks to the home/activities page and take that as your entry-point to the site giving you an overview of what has changed since your last visit

  • Whats relations at posting a thread site?
    you can relate forum posts to nodes. if you start a forum topic from a nodes reference page by clicking “start a forum thread about this node” that new thread will be automatically related to this node, means it will be listed on the nodereference page. also you can manually relate a noderef-page to a thread by just typing a node-name in the autocomplete input field…

wow, smart. can we please get an overview of all new features?

Hey patrick,
a good starting point is the website section in the documentation. But perhaps we can compile a list of the new features.

gude vvvvebmaster,
a compilation would be very much appreciated!

edith sez: maybe it’s the mobile device rendering but, how to bookmark a forum thread? speaking of mobile device html rendering-a-ding, the shoutbox loses it’s send button after completely loading any page (mobile safari on iOS 3.1.2). i am happy to help testing more on this platform as it occurs often to me, needing access to yourstrulydotorg even though the vvvv-pc has no internet access …

danke fein!

ai patrick, the website section is exactly meant to provide an overview of all new features. it wouldn’t make sense to me to compile another list. everything (i haven’t forgotten about) is already there.

i’d like to point out my favorite though: see Request Review as explained on the bottom of About the Documentation

ok, makes sense. i couldn’t deny the lazyness within my request. so how 'bout mobile devices then?

@joreg: Cool features. Sounds like you guys put a lot of Gehirnschmalz in it.

yay danks,…you know, we tried…let’s see how it all works out…

Mmmh, actually I dont like this collapsed text stuff in a thread. Needed some time to recognise it and only if you are eager enough to read everything. Isnt it possible to visualise, that its collapsed. Like with plus/minus or arrows. May be answer is marked in different color.
I prefer to have a quick overview of all texts. And a thread split in two or more sites isnt my favour.
But now Im quiet. I dont wanna puit your awesome work into bad light.

me 2.

also me 2.

for the rest i start to like vvvveb 3.0

Hi frank and kalle,

just for clarification: you’d like all posts of a thread on one page (even if the thread has a lot of posts), and also you don’t like only the answer being shown for a thread that has solutions. Is that right?

@frank: of course you may write as many suggestions as you like, we’re always looking to improve the site, so just go ahead. If you suggest stuff that many community members like, it’s quite probable that you’ll see it implemented in the future.

Thanks for your feedback up to now.

seems like th eimage button in the toolbar doesn t work…

img should be working again now. thanks.

i’m also leaning toward frank and kalle regarding the collapsed thread, solution only view.

maybe it’s possible to insert a link “jump to solution” or something like that after the first post, so the quick solution lookup function doesn’t get lost, but the thread integrity/flow is preserved, also? you could also give solution-tagged post a light green background for visual differentiation.
failing that, maybe a preference setting to switch it off?

btw, what happens if more than one answer is marked solution? never seen that so far, i think.

is it only me or are there others experiencing this as well?

we have now changed the bevahiour in a way that you can show all answers very quickly via javascript. if you do so, the resolving answers will be tinted in green. what do you think?

looks grrreat :-)

while we’re in the website thread, what happened to woei’s proposal during the beta period of a new “clear list” button? with all the activity now it would come in handy :-)

it’s on our “bonus” list of features to implement in a next phase. can’t promise when that will be though.

+1 for “clear list”