Texture/Image Writer issues

Hi, I’d like to figure out how to export video from vvvv.

I’ve already tried TextureWriter but it exports only 1 frame and I can’t open it: my photo viewer says that “the format is unsupported or the file is corrupted” (I tried all the formats, same result).
With Skia I also tried ImageWriter. The node has violet stroke while rendering but then there is no files in the path folder.

I know about screen recording option but I’d like to be able to render big resolution as well. What can you suggest?

try the non-realtime writer mentioned in this thread:

your corrupt files have most likely too high bit depth.
there was this thread recently about that issue:

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Yeah, the thing was in bit depth, I changed it to 8 bit and now it is exported well, thank you!

The NRT seems great but exports just black/empty pictures in all the patches except for its help patch