Subpatches not found if opened with command line parameter o


This issue

Seems to be unsolved.

I got a folder in which I put a bat file. It should open vvvv with a certain patch to start from. Looks like this:

@echo off
START vvvv_45beta34.2_x64\vvvv.exe /o "../Sketchbook/Start.v4p"

From that my folderstructure is clear: The bat is in the same folder as my vvvv folder and my Sketchbook folder.

Now there is also a file that is /Sketchbook/sub.v4p
This subpatch is used in Start.v4p, and if I open Start while vvvv is running, it is found as usual. If I start the bat file, it is not, gives me a red node.

Put vvvv in this example to reproduce: (2.2 KB)

ai domek,

it seems you used unix-style paths here. i tried with
/o “…\Sketchbook\Start.v4p”
and it worked.

Is that a bug you will fix?

I mean, if the patch opens correctly but can’t find subpatches, it’s not clear to anyone who doesn’t know that unix style paths are the problem.

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