Commandline open parameter result in red subpatch nodes

When i try to open a patch using commandline parameters in a shortcut. the file opens but all the subpatch nodes are red (cant be found i guess !).
can anyone advise me of possible problem.
could it be some thing to do with absolute and relative paths to the subpatches ?

this is what is in the target field:
C:\vvvv_45beta25.1\vvvv.exe /o “C:/LIBRARY HACK/VVVV/Library Hack VVVV/_ROOT.v4p”

helo john,

we cannot reproduce this here. please be more specific. the red nodes…are those your own subpatches in the same directory as your _ROOT.v4p or are those modules, shipping with vvvv? probably upload your patch?

press Alt-R and make sure that there is a nodelist node configured with meaningful search paths