Still VVVV + VL taking ages to open

Hi, despite this VVVV is still taking so much time… in defender VVVV is authorized on network. What else can i do ? its quite painfull…

as the page says: “add your vvvv directory as an exception.” so network is not the problem, you need to add the vvvv folder to the file scanner exceptions.

also, if you open patches that have many folders/patches besides them it also takes long to scan them. so try to open your patches from a clean and small folder structure.

i prefer adding vvvv.exe as a process rather than the folder. why ? because then it doesnt matter where vvvv is located and which vvvv version you start. it’s the windows defender VIP ticket for vvvv.

on the other hand, it is a shame we have to do this, i just tested the difference on my uptodate PC : 2:30 minutes startup without tweak vs. 5 s startup with tweak. is there any way to get vvvv microsoft signed / approved ? it is the only software i know of which takes that long to start on a win 10 machine. imagine what a beginner has to do and to know of, just to get vvvv up and running.

  • downloading vvvv
  • understand and install the addon pack
  • understand and install packs and dx11 (usually)
  • finding out about the setup and be surprised what else she/he has to install (7 things in total)
  • and as a bonus quest, looking at a 2:30 minute splash screen, thinking vvvv just crashed

it is actually surprising people start learning vvvv after this.


regarding automatic installation and settings, i’ve made a test with scripts

works quite well, silent and automatic with automagic admin elevation. its done for 64bit only but can be easily modified. watch the video, definetely a lot easier than doing it manually.

one could put this into a nice UI and have a real installer, making vvvv more accessable.

Or have Teamcity do the work:

I think it can even be done with the freeware version of advanced installer

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@bjoern , question is if this could handle this powershell command "Add-MpPreference -ExclusionProcess “vvvv.exe” or similar. in the end, the defender setting is just a registry key, but i kinda failed to create it without powershell.

Maybe it could:

Actually, it’s a good thing to add it to crack.exe as starter.

I also had bunch of troubles trying to run ZeroMQ with windows firewall on… That should be tested and added to exclusion list also.

well vpm is also there installing vvvv automatically for a while now, that also could have been embraced. but historically speaking devvvvs never had interest in making vvvv installation experience smoother and faster despite all the different community solutions out there doing their job in this regard, not even embracing one officially on the download page.

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hmm I can add this to the vvvv installer vpm package, shellexecuting powershell with this command.

@antokhio, i guess ZeroMQ is kinda special case. what i’m trying to discuss is a basic installation routine to be on par with processing, unity …well basically any software ;). download, install, go ! avoiding all this hassle.

@microdee, vpm is doing something else, managing packs. of course it goes in a similar direction. but since devs never really agreed to this as a official solution, it doesnt solve the problem i’m talking about.

it doesn’t really make sense to introduce some community contribution special installer thingi, it needs to have official status, presented at the download page as the way to get vvvv and install vvvv.

devs. any comment ? what about making setup.exe opensource to propose improvements ?

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@u7angel we haven’t discussed that internally yet, but what i remember from earlier is the arguments that vvvv is not a software that lives in “c:/program files”, it is often highly specific for a project and you have it bundled and placed in your project folder where you customize it, e.g. add/remove packs, specific version… making an installer that deals with these cases is almost impossible and the simple workflow of placing files on disc with the explorer is still the most transparent and straight forward way.

personally i agree that installing prerequisites and the addonpack is a pain for beginners and that there should be a one click solution for that as well as a ‘portable’ download for pros as it is now. @dominikKoller was also highly motivated to work on it but it never made it up the priority list.

if someone wants to start working on it with one of the available installer solutions, please do so! i am speaking here for myself, but i think every devvvv would be happy to support such a project. it is just something that can blow up and become a time killer since every machine is different. imagine an official installer that doesn’t work properly, what a shame! :)

hopefully we can discuss this soon again internally and come up with an official statement, since i also think it is an important topic. but then again, there are many important ones.


feels a bit like giving in to blackmail, but i guess if we knew that signing helped to circumvent the startup-time problem, we could have a go at it. only i’m not sure because it rather seems a random problem on some machines!?

Adding my two cents here, I’ve started working on an update of the vvvv chocolatey package. It installs x64/x86 and all dependencies and works just fine under choco’s test environment.

Thing is, I’m not happy about it since I have no idea how choco would handle different vvvversions installed (for upgrades and stuff).

Since the topic comes back on the table I’ll try to publish a version next week :)

well epic managed to solve it for UE4 with a launcher. Trend is nowadays to have a launcher where you can manage your projects. In vvvv’s case it can be vvvv instances on your disc where-ever. It requires effort to make one yes but faaar from impossible. While at it that launcher thing could also manage packs hmmm? :P

I have it in VPM stable for a year now. Recent update to the vvvv installer vpack now installs dependencies too. And I’m using it whenever I need to deploy vvvv. Now I added beta38, but if there’s an API on TeamCity to point me to the newest beta, like it has for alpha then I don’t need to manually add vpacks for latest beta version.

yeah mainly but it’s also capable deploying vvvv on an unsuspecting machine

@tonfilm, yes and yes and totally. i’m just talking about a beginners solution. one click installation for windows 10, recent version, no specal antivirus software but windows defender in use. that should cover most beginner. of course we still need the good old manual pro way too.

@microdee , great vpm does the job. what would be the workflow ? install vpm and then click on the vvvv link to install vvvv and dependencies ?

yup. I even have to make it more automatic early next year (meaning smaller standalone exe without CEF, rethinking license agreement screen / replacing them with links in console).

what about making a special installer for vvvv, addonpack and optional dx11 pack, and optional vpm. without the extra step of first getting vpm and than vvvv ?

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actually can be done at this moment with a winrar sfx installer + a batch file executed on extraction finish containing:

vpm.exe vpms://
vpm.exe vpms://

or slightly more integrated would be to have a little installer.vpack file inside the sfx archive containing

				<aliases>dx11, vvvv-dx11</aliases>

then running

vpm.exe installer.vpack

Hum… i see that this post is subject to a lot of answers. :)

Be aware that adding VVVV.exe to exceptions lists does NOT resolve the problem. This is for me essentially due to something with VL. Previous versions without VL are not putting this weird 5 to 10 minutes awaiting on my laptop

One other point: installers are not welcome. as said previously in this thread, i have different VVVV versions working from project to projects. X86 version ou x64, depending of plugins and contributions used, VL or not. etc…

And finally, if VPM is integrated, it would be nice :
a- to have an option from the crack-setup.exe to choose the packages to install ( from internet OR from a location on hard drive)
b - that setup exe could configure exceptions if the manual way doesnt find it
c - to have a closer look to VL and what its doing behind with windows

hope this discussion will help to make several ameliorations to VVVV, because actually its quite unstable: 34.2 x64 cant run after ( no splash screen) if 34.2 x86 has been used ( this happens half the time). reboot is needed.