Spread String not working correctly

Hi people,
i´m trying to parse some csv files and i can see the parsed strings in vvvv, but somehow the Spread/Spread/String is just visible but not working in vl side.

Check the patch.

ParserTest.zip (146.0 KB)

Just taking a quick look, so I’m not sure if this is actually helpful:


I had a quick look and posted an observation. Didn’t dig around tooo much, it could be that the spreads aren’t shown cos the first character of the string flips out the deserializer (its byte value is ‘0’), so you may have to be careful about trimming those value strings so you can see them. I guess vvvv ignores those missing chars

I see it now, thanks man.

if its about data from a spread sheet i would use sebls excel reader, it avoids custom low level parsing and all data goes thru code channels that are well tested: Excel to XDocument

so the problem is here:

you should use the string version, not the character version of replace. you are not replacing with ‘no character’ but with the ‘zero character’. the string version accepts an empty string as replacement, which is no characters.

Thank you Tonfilm, now it´s working but i´ll try the Exel to XDocument way.

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