Spacebar + right-click on linked IOBox does not Autoname

No middle-button on my laptop, so I use space+right-click instead. I can create IOBoxes by drawing a link and then hitting space+right-click, but autonaming it does not work using the same method. Bummer, nice feature. Beta 27.2.


now please check latest alphas. should do.

i have a similar issue with b30 as well as the latest alpha (30.1 - 5b60eea83a).
it is strange, because the problem appears when using my laptop’s touchpad - not when using the external mouse. that is, when i press space and right click on the mouse, the expected action occurs, but not so for the touchpad. middle click on the mouse also works.

strange. probably a touchpad-driver thing?! works on my touchpad…

yes quite weird, as the touchpad right-click otherwise works (also within vvvv), and the space+right click functionality works but only in conjunction with other hardware. my touchpad is a normal Synaptics one, the driver version is

for anyone else affected, still works.