Show uses of operations in patch explorer

Hey hey,

CTRL+J shows where class operations are used.

Would it be possible to show that information as well in the patch explorer? Each operation could show how many times it’s being used, and potentially where, in a collapsed dropdown below the operation name?



In the same vein, it would be nice if process nodes could show in the Definition if/where they’re being used in the current application, kinda like CodeLens does in Visual Studio.

Artist’s rendition

There, it shows me that MyCoolNode is used three times. Clicking this info, it could show me a tooltip with the three places where this node is used, and clicking one of those would teleport me to it.

Right now, it’s extremely tedious to keep a large/long running installation clean because you end up having tons of outdated stuff and you cannot be sure what’s still used or not.

Cross-referencing these since they kinda relate to the same thing

Thanks for considering!