Renderer (DX9) Fullscreen not working


I just found that when I go on fullscreen with a renderer, I can only see the background color, nothing rendered. Everything else working fine. TTY says this:

00:03:29 :
ERR [MemoryToTextureRenderer A0+] [FillTextureUsingLockRectangle ERROR] t2 == null or disposed on device 627204256 Does this mean we need to create a texture ourselves for device 627204256 ?
ERR [MemoryToTextureRenderer A0+] [UpdateTexture_ThreadProc] UpdateTexture FAILED, should we try again ?

Latest Beta x64.
Cannot say for sure since when this happened, haven’t used fullscreen in a while.
Brand new windows 10 install.

I can try with other versions if that helps.

can you check if that is related? Renderer (EX9) freeze when Back Buffer is different from render window dimensions

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