Renderer (EX9) freeze when Back Buffer is different from render window dimensions

as the title say, see attached patch

EDIT: I think I posted this in the alpha forum, not sure, but it does relate to the alpha version

RendererBackBufferDims.v4p (6.5 kB)

hei sunep, i’m afraid i cannot reproduce this with either b34.2 nor latest alpha. have you tried this on different PCs? my first guess would be a graphics-driver issue…

Hmmm, I have tried different versions now, same result, both 32 and 64bit alpha and beta and updated graphics drivers.

and tty is silent

I am a bit afraid that this is a situation where I would normally reinstall windows completely, that is however not practical the next weeks or so.

So since the problem is not so great, I will ignore it for now.

Any idea what might cause this behavior?

Doesn’t happen for me either (b34.2 x64)

Yes I’m experiencing this too. The Window texture freezes, but the texture output works ok, so its only minor, just not expected, this is Nvidia gpu 860m win8.1

Just to update, I have re-installed windows since, it did not fix the problem

win10 pro x64
Nvidia Quadro K1100M

freezes here too once i change the window size of the renderer on the right with the mouse. weird…
the left renderer does not show anything on my machine.

happens only on the small intel card of my laptop with optimus driver, on the NVIDIA everything is fine…

I am having similar trouble with a full screen renderer on the secondary output. Here is a video of the situation:

When I drag the output window to the second output (captured), it should be animated to change every 2.5 seconds. As you can see, on the second monitor the output is static. On my primary display, it animates correctly, but I can not enter full screen at all (alt-enter or through the pin). On the secondary, you see the behavior: full screen is entered, black, back to window and then I need to go to the patch and right-click the renderer node twice to get the title bar back.

How do I get the desired full screen performance? I am using an Acer Spin 5 with Intel UHD Graphics 620.

I can report that in mirrored mode with vvvv_beta_38.2-4267_preview_x64, I get a null pointer exception when entering full screen on the mirrored display, but it still works. But, I need dual output mode to work.