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I am in the research phase for an upcoming project. The rough idea is to have the exhibition visitors to interact with the installation from their mobile device (in realtime) using the default device browser. I’ve used Firebase for that matter in the past, but never in combination with vvvv/vl. There seem to be a few firebase c# clients out there which might work as a vvvv c# plugin or even as vl .net import!?

Is there any other easy realtime way to interact with vvvv and a browser client. Something that’s easy to implement in vvvv and js land and has as minimal lag as possible? Ideally something hosted like firebase? I know there is vvvv-zeromq which could be used in conjunction with WebSockets and a nodejs server …

Does any of you has experience in this domain and can share some insights with me?

Andreas aka m9d


quite some time ago I made a VL plugin to interact with a socketio server. thing is, the library I implemented is now deprecated and the plugin would still need some rework. i tested it with a python socketio server hosted on a heroku instance, worked right for tests but I probably would node use that for production :)

here it is.

also, since b39 there’s a Websocket node, but I did not try it yet.

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Thanks, I will have a look.

also, since b39 there’s a Websocket node, but I did not try it yet.

From my experience Socketio is more than a simple Websocket implementation and won’t work out of the box with standard websockets.

What was the reason for you to not use zeromq?

It’s quite easy to do in node.js
Also you should look on to this RabbitControl

There is some blogspot over it


nodejs should do the job!

I will check out sebescudie Socketio plugin 👍 … I have worket with socketio before so I think that’s where I am the most comfortable in ;)

Thanks a lot guys, that definitely helps a lot!

… another thing that came to my mind; It might be feasible to just use the html render and interface with firebase there. I will think about it. Firebase still has a few conveniences like user management, data consistency and the ml stuff that I might need.

I used .net’s httpclient for getting data from Webservices. it works nice in vl and it was super easy to read data from websites.

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