Work is underway on RCP, the “remote control protocol” which will see an integration in vvvv.

it is a replacement for Server (VVVV) using a properly defined protocol, to describe all properties of the exposed IOBoxes.

it is now in a good state to be tested. also available for VL now:

update 05 12 19

update 18 11 19

update 14 12 18

update 28 08 18

  • changing min, max, default on an exposed number iobox is now immediately reflected on the exposed parameter

update 25 08 18

  • can now also expose IOBoxes that are connected upstream, ie for readonly display of their data

Hi joreg,
I really like the webclient and want to change some enums via VL.RCP, but I can’t figure out, how to set a “EnumParam” with multiple enums. My dropdown list is always empty.
How can I set multiple enums ?

@still not exactly sure i understand what you mean, but there’s been a fix regarding enums in latest b39.1 previews. so please try with that, maybe that solves your issue already. if not, please try to rephrase…

Thanks for the fast answer @joreg !
I also used ‘Rabbit’ in beta first. Unfortunately the webclient always created a checkbox instead of a button when I used a bang as parameter, so I used rabbit in gamma.
There the webclient created the desired button, but I didn’t figure out how to use ‘EnumParam’ there, or how to insert multiple strings, which I can select in the Webclient.

@still the input to specify the entries of an EnumParam was indeed missing. please update VL.RCP to find the new “Entries” input on the EnumParam node.

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