RDM Protocol and VVVV? DMX RDM


Has anyone experience with RDM and VVVV?

I was asked if VVVV is supporting DMX/RDM - my first tought was yes sure, without really knowing what RDM is - I worked often with DMX and there was never a problem and I thought I will find something in the Forum or this is Artnet-stuff? But I only found this [DMX RDM Enttec Datagate Mk2] from Armin without answer.

RDM packets are inserted in-between the existing DMX data packets being used to control the lighting. (wikipedia)

Can a normal DMX node handle this?
Can a Artnet node handle this?
Can VVVV handle this by standard?

thanks for any tip and sugestion

No, its not supported, but could be implimented in the VL artnet nodes I guess, I have looked at it previously, as the discovery of ip addresses for one, is very useful, but that was prior to VL, and I gave up!

thanks for the answer
uiuiui hmmm? - so no work around through another app or little helper?

I also had a quick look - you are right there is the ArtDMX stuff but not the ArtRDM stuff

found the ArtNet Guides and there also both listed

I play a little bit wih VL but not on this level - I can do something by try and error but nothing to test here

is it possible to simuate RDM/DMX, by an app?

that artnet vl implementation should be a good blueprint for the artrdm thing. i’'d say it’s most important to have a artrdm test-device by hand when doing this…

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there is a linux program you can run on the raspberry.
I used it before only for dmx in/out & artnet led stuff but i’ve seen options for rdm there.
have a look at: https://www.openlighting.org/

Best, Leo

Looks promising and not rocketsience, Thanks

I’ll give “ola on rpi” and “vl on vvvv” a change to get “rdm on artnet” running - I’ll report.

Looks a little bit advanced for my first clear VLtask but let’s see if it makes me cry


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