DMX RDM Enttec Datagate Mk2

I am using the Enttec Datagate MK2 Base Model and I am planning to work with RDM devices in the future.
Concerning RDM I have a few questions:

1: Let’s say each DMX out of the MK2 feeds a daisy chain of 10 devices. In total 80 devices (Moving Heads, etc…) will send back RDM info to the MK2.
Is it possible to get the RDM sensor data from all DMX devices which are connected at the same time via the “RDM Sensor Monitor License”?

2: Is it possible to get the RDM information (which is hopefully displayed in the RDM: Sensors Grid) “out of the MK2” and via ARTNET back into VVVV?
Does the MK2 allow to receive this RDM information in VVVV?

Perhaps somebody is using the Datagate too? Any help would be great cause there’s not much info on the web and so far no answer from Enttec…